December 12, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

   (m: We were asked what color we were wearing. Adriane was wearing a green top and I was wearing a blue-green top. I saw a very large group in a circle and the Angel in charge was walking behind each one and carefully checking to make sure they were standing in the exact location. Everyone was absolutely still.) “A moment of peace – We begin. Much thought has been given to our messages today. (m: I heard ‘symbols’. His checking of each one in the very large circle was finished and no one moved.) We begin a somewhat new approach. Do exactly as the directions are given for both. Close your eyes momentarily. Before opening your eyes take a breath and breathe it forward.”

   (m: They are motionless. I felt pressure over my left eye.) “Reach for the Sky in Memory, meaning with eyes closed see what you see.” (m: I saw a hut, peace, stars. (a: I see a column of rings reaching to eternity. They are made of Light. The rings were turning. (m: What I saw. I see myself lying down and I’m told to reach to the Sky and I’m filled with Light.) “Marcia and Adriane – Take your right hand and turn your hand so the palm is facing upward. After this is done, wait for the energy flow.) (m: Slow energy that increased as it moved through my arm. I felt my arm shaking. (a: When my physical hand started to fill with Light and they said to raise it, it wasn’t my physical hand, it was like my Celestial Body. In my hand was a clear Ball of Light that had twinkly stars in it.)

   (m: I felt pressure and warmth in my hand and then pressure in the 3rd eye area.)

   (a: When I lowered my hand as directed my physical hand became cold.) (m: I feel something changed in the heart area like an opening and it was an actual opening plus pressure in the 3rd eye. (a: I felt a tingly pressure at the base of the skull in the back where my neck connects.) “Wiggle your toes. Now walk behind all of the circle very slowly. Blessing to each one in the circle. (a: When I started walking the circle I was this huge Being. As I walked I kept getting smaller. I was human size again but I was still filled with Light. As I became smaller, on my head was a Crown with a Star above my 3rd eye, on top the crown faced forward so that my 3rd eye, the Crown and the Star were in a straight line above each other. (m: I walked slowly and made sure each angel knew I was there and thanked them mentally. It was a special feeling to be able to acknowledge each one, a very soft feeling of sharing with each one.)

   “We are pleased that directions were followed with care and trust. The energy of your blessings was received and will be honored. We now shift. You may feel a difference in outcome that expresses yourself in ways you were not previously able to do. You or readers may wonder why your blessings were given to the angels gathered. It also was a gift beyond your knowing and will remain intact. We all are sharing the pleased feeling of the messages being so carefully manifested. The power involved will manifest in different ways that you previously manifested. The power involved will manifest in different ways that you previously could not use. We give no further information, but you see a sudden difference which will be unexpected but warming to your bodies and knowing of what has been shared. Blessed Be on your Journey of Light.”

   (m: He left but I heard: Give Of The Light which is now within. You will be sharing Light that will have important results. It is not necessary to ask for directions as you will find the information or action will flow gently and meaningfully. We have contributed much today and for readers who sense or even see, we send the blessings of the words. I go with pleasure as our planned sharing expanded even more than was expected. You need no direction for all will come naturally. We will be able to hear some of the happenings and that too will be shared. I feel a strong sense and pleasure as the Light has been sent and so, for now, I leave.”

   (a: The use does not come until the 10th and 12th chakra dimensions. To put it simply, God-realization is not the end of development, it is the beginning of your pure mental spiritual development. The opening of the 3rd eye allows people to begin access and when they reach God-realization through the 7th crown chakra, it is like turning the universe inside out. What you once perceived as outside of yourself now resides within you. It all happens naturally as a development of the Spirit. Learning to be still, to cease thought and words, seeking the Light through the Third Eye will allow the Spirit to access the mental realm where mind becomes pure Light Sentience.)


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