December 19, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. There is much to be told. We see so much anger throughout the world. It grows like a plant and has serious results. We also see the Light that tells us that Christmas is celebrated. This is a dangerous time and we say that not to alarm, but tuck away the possibilities. There is a turn around in energy. This is a step forward not previously told. The turn around means it can be felt though it is new. Adriane, do you or have you noticed recently any shift in energy overall?

     (a: Yes.) Then we are on the same path for it is not yet known. This shift is like a bubble. It can fly and it can pop and it can float long distances. We mention as a simple telling, but it is not simple and we believe you know this. (a: I don’t associate with that description at all.) “Please explain.” (a: The description of a bubble floating and popping seems something outside of the reality of our time. I feel more a thinning of barriers as if the walls between dimensions are thin. On the emotional level I feel despair at a time during these holidays when there should be joy.)   “Continue.” (a: That’s what I have been feeling. I have actually seen the barrier wall disappear occasionally.) “We are re-arranging our thought. We were not aware of what has to be considered as a major step. We would appreciate know what effect is obvious.)

     (a: It seems they are not aware of us though I am aware of them. This has been happening more often. When the Barrier Wall Goes Down, They Just Walk Through But They Are Unaware They Are In Another Dimension. It’s Like They Are Bringing Their Dimension With Them.) “THEY ARE BRINGING THEIR DIMENSION WITH THEM.) (a: It Is Over Laying Our Our When They Do. In other words, I See Both Dimensions At The Same Time.) “The People?” (a: Yes. Not sure which dimension. They look like A Solid Shadow Walking. It is a THREE DIMENSIONAL ROUNDED HEAD NOT LIKE YOU WOULD DRAW A SHADOW ON A PIECE OF PAPER, MORE LIKE A SOLID HOLOGRAM. I only see one at a time. I heard them walking. Twice in Daylight I actually heard them. I was aware someone was walking there. They are walking inside the house. They don’t see me, like a ghost but not a ghost. Three times – male – only saw one at a time.)

     (m: I Heard or Felt Someone. “I HEAR YOU.”) “WHO ARE YOU?” (m: I am a channel with others of a different dimension and another celestial channel on the telephone.) “I SEE YOU, WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?” (m: Too far for you to see I’m told. We, she and I, have visitors who are Listening. They can hear you.”) “You have good ears.” (m: Do you have questions? The angels are here.) “Ah. This then is for the angels. I wondered. You are a scribe.” (m: Partly.)

     “ I have traveled far and yet I acknowledge your Light. I am humbled by it. I felt it and I followed it. I say to you your work is known and treasured. You may not know me. My name is AMAK, yes AMAK. Dear Angels, I send you Love and Delight. Dear Angels your work is known and it is treasured more than you know at this time. I feel your Light which shines from above. It was that which drew me forward. I say to you and those who speak with you, whether it is a small amount of words or large or Light given HEAR THIS – YOU ARE TREASURED. FROM THE HEAR I SAY THIS. I MAY RETURN FOR I SEE MUCH IS HAPPENING.” (a: Where are you?) “I am home.” (a: Where is home?) BETWEEN THE SEAS, LOOK UP AND YOU WILL FIND ME.” (a: Are you dimensional or physical?) “I AM BOTH IN THE SENSE OF THE WORD FOR MINE IS AND IS NOT A BODY OR ONLY MY LIGHT. I AM NOT IN THE BOOKS, BUT I TRAVEL AND I HONOR WITH MY DEEPEST SELF THE LIGHT THAT IS BEING SENT BY GOD’S ANGELS. I SEE YOU, I SENSE YOU AND NOW I HEAR YOU. YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL BE LIKE THE SUN.) “We see what you relayed now with the opening of knowing its existence. It is awesome to us and somewhat overwhelming to see what we now see and thank you for telling us. We now have a link that we previously did not have and feel we will profit by knowing his existence. This has opened up much to share tomorrow and so we leave for now.” (a: He looked Egyptian.)


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