December 20, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. We found the information given yesterday a new beginning, so we will start from there. There will be faster information given when things are visibly showing. We were awed by the fact that the entity from one dimension was walking through your house, Adriane, and you saw it. It is a truly big, big step forward. The situation will undoubtedly require some communication with those who are, we are calling WALK THROUGHS. We can almost sense the expression and it just may be that you, Adriane will speak first.” (a: I don’t think they can see me.) (m: Not known – later.) (a: My cat is aware something is going through. She is aware of something going on, nothing she hasn’t seen before. She is like a syndical – calm, sits upright between her back legs.) “We want you to look. Is it available now?” (m: I get right corner.)

     “We want you to look. Is it available now?” (m: I get right corner.) (a: Which? I’ll look where there is a door.) (m: I think he is behind you. He feels a wiggling. The angel directed me to hum-sing. I did so and he heard it! I was asked by the angel “again”. It was a sound something like ah wa. I heard “Who is it?” (m: A voice from the 3rd dimension. Welcome, plus another is listening.) (-Where am I?) (m: America, Earth.) (- What Earth?) (m: Listen to the other one here.) (a: It is Earth, that is the name of our planet in the third dimension. It has other names in different dimensions. We are also in contact with others who are not on earth, but in another dimension.) (m: He wants to know how to address them.) (a: They have not given us a name. We say here on this earth a simple word called ‘Hello”.) (- I shall use it. Backing up, go through you.

     Hello, Welcome. I now see a wondrous sight. I See Your Light. I welcome you and I send greetings and Love to you. (m: He wants to hear them.) (Angels: We See you, We Hear you. We honor you as the First Visible Entrance for you carry your outward energy in plain sight. We welcome you. How do you feel?” (- I feel elated in all my being. What do I do?) “Tell us where you are and who you are. (m: He is standing very straight.) (- I am in the 7th Dimension usually but I had been directed to travel, but not way. I am a candidate you might say for I move and learn and share. I lead but I also go in many spaces. I am known as CARLTON, Carlton is my name. (a: Do you live on a planet?) (c: Of course.) (a: What do you call the name? What do you call it?) (c: COARE. I am known. What message should I give?) (a: We send our greetings. – Hyperion was called the High One in Greek mythology. He was one of 12 children of Gaia – Earth and Uranus – earth and sky or heaven.) (c: You know of us? (a: It is a legend on earth. (c: I am not a legend, that appears not to be.) (a: It was passed for security and other reasons. (c: What is your name?) (I am Adriane, also known as Aurora.) (c: But I have known you and I believe one of the, I’ll call it Celestial Angelic Visitors. / What is your name? (m: Marcia, also known celestially as Joy. – He is overwhelmed.

     (c: I speak to you, you the Carriers of Light and Knowledge. I honor and hope that I can see your Light again. You are spectacular with your Wisdom and your Light. I honor you. I am awed that you, Adriane, are here. I am awed that you, Joy, were able to hear me. This is truly a BEGINNING IN HISTORIC CHANGES. I am open to follow whatever you, the Angels, would have me know and earth information also. Please be quiet for a minute.

     I am linking upward and reaching far. The Light Speaks and The Light Shines. All of each of you, in your work, are honored for this is a Major Step forward. I have, as we have spoken, changed my steps and will return to my people. Will you, the Angels, share words with me that I may give to my group of Light?)

     “Yes, we have listened intently and we are joyful in this step forward for mankind. We say to you Welcome, come home again and spread news of The Light Moving Forward. If you are available we will gladly share again. We honor you and your path. We have no questions for we see what can be. The questions may come later. Like walking in a forest, suddenly the Light appears. This Is A Major Step Of Light.) (c: I go then as my mind is whirling with Joy and Happiness.) “We too, are stunned at the suddenness of a world like opening appearing. (m: Their minds are just whirling.) “We feel the enormity of this step forward.)   (a: It has been my experience that characters in legends have physical existences in other dimensions. Gods in particular in Legends Of Old. It is as if the writers of the legends could somehow sense this other reality and weave it to a story. We have met several. Remember that Thoth, Baast were in our channels. The Angels are drifting away.)



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