December 27, 2017
   Marcia with Adriane

   “We have looked forward after the wondrous awareness of the 7th dimension Being. There was much surprise when we told our story. We now shift a little and have some questions. Do you as a person, Adriane, feel a difference and we are aware of the very cold weather. This is overall in your inner self. (a: Generally I feel my Inner Self and my Outer Self-are becoming more like one, that there is not that much difference anymore.) “Marcia, we are aware of a change in you that you felt when you stood up and you weren’t there. We are aware that you took steps to be able to walk as you were very disconnected. If this happens to others the same steps should be used of standing, moving your toes and holding on to something and repeating. If not, the person will find they may fall head forward on the floor. It is an adjustment, a surprising, but must be carefully re-connected before walking. (a: I went through that a long time ago. Ground yourself to the Earth Core. I imagined a column of Light through the Middle of Me. It went through the earth to the core. Mine was visual – the stairs were shifting. I had to be aware where the foot and the stairs were. I had to realize I was creating the stairs as I moved and needed them to be solid when my foot hit them.) (m: If I had not held on to the chair I would have fallen flat on my face.) (a: That’s because you were not aware you were creating the floor as you moved. That’s what is happening, people will have to become more aware. Everyone has always done that but it was automatic and it was done in an unaware manner. The energies have risen to the point that you must become aware that you are creating constantly. Think of where the floor is and where you want it to be and your body grounded to the earth. This is a transition time. (m: What is the effect on dogs – animals?) (a: When they are walking, the animals have no trouble because they are more aware they are connected to the earth. The barriers are thinning between dimensions.) “It has been clarified and helps us to understand the physical reaction on earth. THE PACE OF CHANGE WILL BEGIN TO INCREASE. You know that, correct?” (a: Yes.) “We will be busier on the next posting for it is TIME TO BE MORE SPECIFIC. With that knowledge, we look forward to the next time.” (a:Make the intention – ground yourself to the earth.)


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