January 2, 2018
    Marcia with Adriane

   “We are anxious and excited to start a more complete range of future events. We begin: The knowledge of the dimensional exchange was wonderful to pass on to our other groups. It caused our minds to open to new thoughts. Some may not be a surprise but others will be. We have seen the shift that has begun but has largely been ignored. We can guarantee you it will not be ignored for long. The killing continues and is overpowering so many, meaning worry and fear. In the coming future, meaning not far away, there will be beginnings of turmoil. If at all possible it is best to separate yourself Mentally if you can. It is not expected that all become aware of for there will be Heavy Changes.

   Adriane, we feel that your openness to what will be happening may be like a heavy bag to carry. It may be necessary to let it slide past you until balance is restored. This changing of the guard, you might say, is a Shock As To Intensity And Speed. You may feel, both of you, as if you are in a thunder storm. You have to ride it out. This is a time when Animals Need Comforting. – Now we move on to another aspect. When you see energy pulling at you, take deep breaths. Stay Calm and In Control. We use that term or guideline often because it fits. Helping is a good thing, but it must be done carefully or you will drain yourself. The Situation Will Change And There Will Be A More Restful Atmosphere. We will now shift.

   The Light is Bright And That Must Be An Awareness. Be Careful With Your Eyes. This has been said and we repeat as a reminder. Come, let us think together. Clear the air, Adriane. We understand.”

   (m: I heard “We Hear You” from some other group. I felt and said out loud to the angels, “They want to start a war.” They said “Correct.” I was told to follow instinct with the words I know but not the meaning. (Usually, I am asked to sing.) They then said, “You are Approached, tell them to leave.” I put down my pad used for writing and spoke words that came out with a very strong threatening ‘don’t take another step manner’. They said, “We will Leave.” The current angel said ‘good job’, now we can continue.”    As we move forward it is to be expected that there will be, at times, unexpected reactions to unexpected events movement. We ask for ‘The Language’ so that they are more careful in listening and they will and did leave.

     “Now to earth again. It is obvious to many that they must live in a more conscious way. People on the street or in an accident or out of mind can appear. We do mean, as said before, to walk or become concerned at all times, but to be more alert and be ready to take or report action quickly. It will seem that it is growing and there are people more careful with where their children are allowed to go.   We feel many, many have already gone in a different awareness. This, sadly, includes children who begin to show odd behavior.” To m: Listen for guidelines which become connected with just a word that sharpens the senses. If you feel an uneasiness when you are someplace, Get Out. Don’t imagine that it was strange and then ignore.” (m: Trying to figure this out, heard “Practice”.) (a: I heard the word Egypt. I see a long corridor – file cabinet, long built in the wall down this huge long corridor but part of the wall is an archive.) :: Archive – a place where material having documentary interest, as private papers, institutional records, memorabilia or photographs is kept.) (a: I saw a long, long corridor with walls on each side that have built-in file cabinets like a huge archive, only the front can be seen. Be very careful, mesh with the Dark , then it becomes Light where you can see what is built in flat to the wall where you can pull out information. To see long distances, ice water feels strong. We, you, have started our journey. And so it is.” (a: Reach out with your mind, you’ll have a body when you get there. It’s like dreaming you have a body in your dreams. Files and walls look alike so you can or could concentrate. You concentrated on the dark so that’s what you read. (m: I was told to raise my right hand. Saw a button like overalls. (a: He told you that you would be Bound in Spirit and to go back in small steps. I don’t need to move to be anywhere. You were told to open your eyes slowly. (a: She told me, Adriane and Marcia to leave in little steps and that I could slide down. I told her I don’t need to move to go anywhere. She said ‘ah’ like “I understand.”

     The cabinets were like a library. The cabinets though were built into the wall and had a metallic look.”



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