January 3, 2018
    Marcia with Adriane

     “The times are, as told, beginning to show. In other words people notice parts, particularly the part where it feels like the world has stopped. We could go into unreal words and actions that are being used. Even we are somewhat surprised at the coverage of what we will call insane actions. Therefore, we shift to take further steps. We hear that people are very conscious of unusual coldness and length of time it lasts. It is a protective aspect for the earth – a somewhat unusual length.

     As we move forward we also bring up the many children being killed. We knew of this but had no idea it would spread as it has. We ask you to see but not pull it into you for it will continue and you would be affected emotionally. We would like to extend questions. Adriane, how do you perceive, in a general way, the overall atmosphere of people’s emotions? (a: I think most people, by and large, are either happy, contented or sad depending on their personality.) So we then understand that there is still some balance. (a: Yes.) How then are the ones who are happy dealing with the opposite reactions? (a: The way they always have. They don’t let them affect them as much. Happy people see the balance as well as contented people. They both see the balance so it does not affect them as much as sad, negative people.) Our pause is feeling the apparent balance. (m: They have to feel something because of the increase in murders.) (a: There has not been an increase, there has been a concentration of the media to report negative sensationalized man’s inhumanity to many and the sad and negative people cannot see the balance. They only react to the negativity.) “We understand the difference now that was not quite understood. Thank you and we move to another section.

     There is an increase in mental problems. We now assume that is because it is spoken of more often. (a: Yes that is particularly true. The other half of the truth is their inability to match with and use the new higher energies that causes them to be unbalanced mentally.) (m: I just heard the word BLUE. * They see and are surprised as it did not come from them. They are doing a somewhat type of scan to see why this came. They are moving their hands in a counter clockwise circle, that is like feeling the space or gathering it to the next page, the side. They are bringing it in closer as each turn is doing that. I heard a really short high pitch sound. They have stopped the color from coming closer and are waiting either for a reply or they are searching. It is being held in place. Four back counter wise movements as they pulled it to them and then I heard a voice and got chills. Somebody (female said something in another language and I responded in my language I don’t understand at this time. The angels said We know who it is. You are correct that it is a feminine voice and she understood your language that at this time you do not understand. Here is what happened. An opening was noticed and the entity felt she could reach up through you, so the short sentence you heard and responded to was for us to hear. It is not to be known at this time, but it will be restored for we were able to hear much longer short information, not to be told at this time.

     We are amazed at the change that is automatically being new information we would have found much later and we send in these encounters. Peace and Love for the information is a big step forward.

     (a: Why the Blue?) In this case the Blue was seemingly like a garment when actually it was an obvious link and a way to move faster through time. At some point these seemingly short connections will appear in all their love and knowing. (a: I am wondering who it was and why it was coming from below them. I have a feeling I know who it was and I would just like confirmation. (Your confirmation is correct.

     (a: I was just wondering why she was below them at that time.) (Adjust to not knowing for there will be more of these links who Adriane will know. Speak softly for the link must be made quickly. Proceed with Confidence. Blessed Be.)


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