August 20, 2015
 With Adriane

     “We have waited for this longer time. Morning sometimes works better. Good morning to you both. Here are our words for format will change as has been said but not really experienced.”

     “BEHOLD, BEFORE YOU LIES THE BEGINNING, THE GREAT SHIFT. BEHOLD, we speak in the cadence of Biblical reading. Much has been given to many avenues of communication both on site and off. These guidelines have been specifically formatted depending on time and space. It has been somewhat like putting together a puzzle. The pieces are all in place, we have to now make placements for the puzzle. At this time it may change form, meaning the pieces may be re-arranged in different ways and still be correct.” 

     “Adriane, it is a time where you must begin to format the pieces of your knowledge. What was may still be, but in a different form and look to see if the color has changed. This Is Important. To hear that things (format) has changed is one thing, but to proceed with the change takes concentration and analysis. We do not mean mentally taking apart the plan, but listening for guidance on a particular part of the plan. This may mean color, strength, or timing. It will come to you. It is basically not expecting it to look, feel or advance in previous ways. It is not as complicated as it sounds. It just means what you’ve heard again and again, be ready for change in what you see, in what you hear and what you sense. All will fall into place.


     (m: I heard what sounded like tiny dot like crystal rain all around. I was told to go outside to my back yard. I heard “Look Around – Be Patient – Color – Look Up – Look Around.” I was told to take off my shoes and then told to sit down. I felt energy flowing along my back which caused a slight rocking motion, a forward and back movement. I heard Shout HALLELUJAH which I did. I was told “Bow Your Head. The next steps I choose to keep private but it was sacred and overwhelming – filling me with Love.)

      (a: There was a large Dragonfly circling from one side of my yard to the other while Marcia was sitting on the grass in her yard. The Dragonfly was larger than usual and kept repeating the same circular pattern. There are big trees lining both sides of my very, very large front yard and the Dragonfly repeated the large looping circular pattern over and over again between the two tree lines.) 

(m: It’s creating space – it’s a Landing Pad. When visitors come that is where they will be.) (a: The dragonfly did remind me of a helicopter the way it kept circling in such a large looping circle.)



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