MESSAGE 883: BALTHAZAR and 5 OTHERS / The Purple Rose People

August 21, 2015
With Adriane

      (Note: The Bible does not mention the names of the 3 wise men who visited the baby Jesus nor how many. The 3 came from the record of 3 gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh – Matthew 2:11. Tradition says Balthazar was one of the 3 wise men along with Caspar and Melchior.)

     “Is Adriane there – the communication line is adjusting.” (m: Yes, she is.) My name is Balthazar. Yes, I see you recognize me from the Biblical 3 wise men story. We now have jumped forward I would say, through time so fast it would make your head spin.

     Adriane, I salute you and in the past you have helped me in many ways. I remember. We are at an opening gate. It Has Been Said And It WILL Be. No one but God really knows the impact as new energies hit earth. I find it exciting to be approaching that which has been long awaited. You will be extra busy as I’m sure you both have been told. At times it may take adjustment for the changes will be like a tumbling rock – felt, perhaps seen, but not knowing the landing. In your case you may find that it helps physically – brace yourself with your feet feeling the ground or within the house, the floor. They have warned about balance, but no one knows exactly how the energy will increase in its movement or path. That is why it should not be taken for granted. If bracing is needed it should be done immediately and held steadily until the movement has either stopped or there is guidance to move.”

     Now listen, Marcia, your role is changing and unknowingly it has already begun. You know of the speeded up writing, but you will find yourself looking more, seeing and sensing as you did this morning. I see if there is a question as to a message you do not guess at what to do and immediately try to make contact. That is the pattern that should continue. There are those in place you (both) cannot see, but you sense their presence. There will be more openness and space to hear from those who are close by.   The singing should be practiced again. At some point it will flow from your voice to the heavens.

      Adriane, I believe that even though you are already prepared, the swiftness of necessary movement to block or to add will take lightning fast movement. Your cat is (and this may surprise you) aware that there will be changes in the house which has changed the energy. She is quite comfortable with the requirement. I find that amazing.

     We move forward and it is not step by step, it is now flowing energy. Do you have a question? (a: What do you mean to block or add?) ” That is a good question. When the energies arrive they will be intense. That may take blocking – not trying to eliminate but simply, by blocking, spread the energy instead of it being a ball of Light.” (a: To add?) “Add your own energy. (a: reason?) Force. ….Send your own energy directing – not adding. (m: Is that correct, that it is already directed?) “You are right, Marcia, you have increased your sensing. Let me add to the knowing. The addition of the person’s ability and knowingness creates a particular pattern of energy. That pattern becomes one with the original energy and then causes the force and or direction to be different than if it was just the original pattern.” It’s like when you’re cooking and the bowl has ingredients mixed. You then do something different or perhaps add color and you add to the ingredients in the bowl. It is like with the energy that is in motion. It is not complicated for those who work with energy. You add direction to the original.” (a: Adding Direction and Creative Intent with your Own Energy. ” Exactly Right.”


No. 2

         (Another voice said “I am here but far away in a different form necessary for adjustment. I take my leave for there is another.)

 No. 3

     ” I’m coming. Get ready for fireworks might be appropriate at this time. You do not know me unless Adriane senses my Being, but I will be working around you. My expertise is Sound and as you can imagine, I have been very busy with preparation. Your reaction, Marcia, is the suddenness of intense change. We must use the work energies because that is what it is, but remember Light flows with it. If you could see the colors you would be in awe. Adriane has already been gifted with some of these colors. One would not perceive the power for the beauty overshadows it or I should say shines over it.

       Marcia, your body is increasingly hot, something you do not have to be told. You are absorbing some of my energy, a step forward in recognition. You will no doubt feel this energy at unexpected times. The Light it carries is strong but the body uses it to assimilate and circulate, strengthening the body. (m: Is it is like a healing?) It actually is but the heat is what to be aware of so that there is not distraction. Adriane, you too may be surprised to experience this for it is different, but will not interfere with implanted energies. (a: I had a few surges of heat at my face and top of my head before I called, but mostly around where my eyes are.) (m: A rejuvenation step?) ” No, it is a clearing, a strengthening.”


No. 4

     “Adriane, Adriane, I am here. It has been a long journey. You move around a lot. You know me. I move quickly too and say what I think. (m: Heard “Orange”.) (a: I have an orange top on. He was letting me know he could actually see me.)

     Marcia, you will know me. I even have a name but first listen, listen. The violets will bloom in new places. The purple, the color will move to new Beings. You both may be surprised when you meet Beings Of Purple. They are statuesque and awesome to see.   This is one of those new things to adjust to. They are not things, and now listen: They Are The Purple –     The Purple Rose Manifested..

   They have just now made themselves known to us. I can tell you that I was awed when they first appeared. Imagine this: They Have A Depth Of Love That Seems Not To Have Any Boundaries.   They Are Calm and Have A Sense Of Peace Surrounding them. Their Children Are Beautiful and Manifest The Same Characteristics Of Love For That Is All They Know.  When and If these Beings decide to manifest on earth temporarily, Do Not Hide Any Emotion For They Will Sense And See It.. They Are Kind And Wondrous. Their Intelligence Has No Boundary For If They Want To Know Something, Somehow They Can Access It.

     You should hear their children talk. I consider this almost like a gift, actually it is a gift. You may see and you would or will be surprised at how comfortable you are with them. They can be very, very serious, but for the most part, they are warm and easy to be with. They would find no fault in my telling this. If necessary they can strike down a foe in a split second.” (a: They have ships but do not kill, they immobilize and render weapons useless. I know of them.)

   No. 5

     “I come quickly – short message. Your work is opening people’s eyes. It is the detail that alerts them. There will be much detail in the next few days.


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