August 23, 2015
With Marc

      “Peace. We see that we have to follow our own guidelines of being ready at a moment’s notice. We are now assembled.

     “The time will speed up has been said many times. It has been repeated for emphasis and to make adjustment easier. Listen to the Sounds and listen to the Frequency, the Tonal quality, not just the Sound itself. We are all poised for the Big Change. There are steps that are being given a final once over. The speciality of skill is beyond measure. There is no error. All has been checked over and over. The care that has been given to the smallest detail would touch your heart. All is ready, yet we must wait. Listening is probably more important at this time than seeing. Then, of course, there will be major changes and a combination of both.   You and others will be vindicated as that which has been foretold will unfold. The Curtains Are Open. The next step is the platform receives the High and Mighty. We are waiting perhaps much more calmly than those on earth. I cannot give you further information. It is the final waiting period which is always the hardest. You will know and you will hear and you will see. Time is passing quickly. You are being led.”



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