August 24, 2015
With Adriane

      “It looks like there is a circle of confusion.” (m: Adjusting to format change of the messages.)   There will be much more adjustments to be made. This is because we too have to adjust. It is not expected that the changes are always smooth no matter how skilled the receivers or even those of us. We can say this because no one has seen or experienced what is coming and so it follows that it may be an uneven road. This does not change the path or the goal for even smooth paths sometimes have rocky spots.”

     “Now to another section of time. Though many are waiting, remember that it will be the majority who either are in fear or confusion. Delicate steps must be taken with those who have odd behavior. It may be that quick thinking must be utilized where a word will change the path that another is on. Day becomes night and all creatures and people follow that process. Do not be surprised as this too may change. You can imagine the upsetting turmoil that would happen on basic parts of Life. We have mentioned what must seem like hundreds of time the word PATIENCE. There is no better word to use. That comes first and all the other steps and yes, challenges come after that. The guidance will come with more specific directions. Again, we must gauge what to say and the best way to say it. If we find an Earth person or Light Worker comes up with a unique step we have no problem in using and distribution. This is because it will come from a person who is in the middle of change and discovers a way to manage it.

     “The Colors are important and we ask you, Adriane, to continue to take note. This will then be evaluated and the manner of use will be given. In the meantime, Adriane, observe the combination of the colors. This will be useful later on.” 

     (m: I saw a man like the Johnny Appleseed pictures, who had a bag of Color Seeds, mostly mixtures. I am feeling that he really enjoys his work because of the result of the mixtures. He calls them Heavenly Mixtures and he has found that they appear in a totally different form. So he sows seed and sees one color bloom, the same seed a different color or a mixture.)

   ” This process can be used for what you would call ‘snacks’. This could be observed in its growth and you, Adriane, at your plants, you will seed with new results, meaning the combination you choose can lead to new flowers or new snacks. This would have a little booklet of directions that would be included with seeds. I hear Heavenly Seeds as they’re with different colors. This will be not just for you, but also for others to find with delight the beauty that will grow. Somewhere in the new description, something like ‘Share your discoveries’. Guidance leads you to take a few seeds and separate. Explaining to a person – tell them one color, perhaps one they haven’t seen before – the seed looks different and hasn’t bloomed and there’s another creation – school kids can come, decorate it with a cute ribbon.


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