August 26, 2015 

     (m: Sandalphon takes many shapes to make his presence known. Some are amusing like the bee doing somersaults. His main form…a Hawk is awesome and other forms happen so fast there is no way an accurate description can be made. One looked like a plane and struck me in a humorous way because I looked out the window and there was a little plane flying next to the window. The key is seeing something suddenly appear without any previous arrival. As I opened the door to my back yard a beautiful butterfly flew right past me. I immediately went inside and this was his message.”

     “The Butterfly brings news. Yes, it is I, Sandalphon. You have noticed and the stage is set for the Change That Will Be Remembered. Each person will be where they should be. Tuning up, meaning alert with the eyes and ears and observation. Yes, this has been said before, but it is like a sandpost. Begin To Flow With The Energy. If you feel a difference in the surroundings, shift to wider awareness. Let your body be involved in the sensing. I will be taking numerous forms, more of a smaller and light nature for speed and not drawing attention. Step by step. We are closer and closer to seeing the Light and hearing the Trumpet Sound,


     “Later a bird suddenly appeared and flew low. This is what Sandalphon said: We are in sync at using quick movement. The quietness you hear is part of the preparation steps before manifesting with Sight and Sound. It is best to mimic ……..     and he was gone – an unusual occurrence of not finishing his sentence.”      


 No. 2

     (Later in the day I was given a message for Adriane when she was available.)

     ” Adriane Adriane, Adriane, The time has finally come and we all wait but perhaps not surprisingly, we are in a “state” ourselves. The energies falling are enough to create a sense of tiredness. Things and activities planned by many for the day have gone by the wayside. We are feeling massive energy and there is no way to categorize it. This will become a pattern, meaning planning to create or take care of day to day needs and finding there is nothing to help the body move. Here is the problem: If people, male or female, do not adjust and try to continue with what they consider necessary action, they will find they become exhausted to the point that some will wonder if they are physically in need of a doctor. We think the doctors will see a pattern and wonder at the cause of it. It is wise to rest as much as you can.”


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