August 24, 2015
With Adriane

     “We greet you and we are assembled. All has been said, all has been done. It is like a pause, a momentary quiet time. It Is A SACRED TIME. It does not appear on earth – not yet. We feel the quietness, the beauty and what will be the Magnificent Beginning. Today is the Day For Beginning. There will be steps to be taken.

     Adriane, we are here in what has not been manifested at any time before or in creation. The stillness is profound. Everyone, every thing is still.   We will send a Song heard by few.   Look for Signs and Listen. (a: I saw God’s chariot. This time it was made of Purple Energy. I was in the chariot and I said “I am ready, Lord.” Then I felt God’s energy enter the chariot and it moved to the left and out of sight. A part of me was still with the circle of Light Beings and Marcia during the ceremony with the staff.)

(m: I saw a huge circle of Light Beings. Each individual was creating perfect balance. I saw a vertical rod in the air.   Around it was a small circle half way up the rod. On top of the rod was what looked like the shape of a large wine glass. I heard “We Light The Candle Of Light” …I was standing on the left side of the leader. The entity next to him held up the rod in his right hand. I did not see the small circle, but the outline of the wine glass shape was at the top. Suddenly there was a change to a wider V shape             attached to the rod.   It was THE ROD OF GOD.                I                                    

I was told to ‘hide your eyes’, Adriane can look.   I heard “Adriane, look to the left.”                                                                                                          

     (a: When the Light Being in the circle told me to look to the left, I left the circle and was back on the chariot again with God. In front of us was a purple energy triangle with a purple circle of energy covering the left side of the triangle. We moved through the triangle into darkness and I said “Where is the earth, Lord?”. I did not see it anywhere. Then I saw before me the Eye of God pulling all the purple energy back into himself instead of sending it out like He normally does. Then God was gone from the chariot and the chariot was empty.)


Note: There is now a new format with the messages. Before, what Adriane experienced was together in one section. Now, what we each make known will be in the order in which it was experienced.


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