August 28, 2015
With Adriane

    “Be Prepared.”   “Adriane, we too must wait and it has been a long wait. As you know THE LIGHT IS ON ITS WAY, but no outer manifestation, except from those who have very keen eyes and sensing. As has been discussed, the animals are already aware that something is different. At this point it is curiosity, but the heavier signs and symbols will be the time they will need more assurance.

     As the Great Light makes its appearance the effect will be known. Notice that I have effect for at first there will, perhaps, not be clear views of anything happening. Remember we too will be seeing for the first time and we are on high alert to take action needed. Whether that is individual or generally felt will depend on the circumstances. This is not new, said many times and we, keenly, are aware and ready for help needed or words sent. Remember this for when things are in a high mode of action we still can reach those who know how to listen even in the middle of chaos.

     You will hear Sounds that may just be vibrations. It is the Wave Of Vibratory Sound that people will respond to with worry. This is because of the newness and the unusual perhaps disturbing sound.”

“Marcia, your Sensing is on target. Do not let it lapse in combined communication. By this we mean not feeling that one message has finished without being prepared for another. You have done this, but this is just a reminder that in chaos to keep the same pattern.”

     “The Colors may overwhelm – not so much in beauty for there will be fast turnover, but the variety where a person, particularly artists see a new color or combined colors and get fixated on that scene and not staying open for the quick response of another. All together there will be things and events to think of at a quieter time. It is then that insight can come forward. To try to catalog mentally what is seen will bring frustration for the speed will be very fast. Observe and mentally catalog what you see. Later you can reassemble the thoughts, sounds, and conclusions. Even then you may have to wait for insight to come at a different time.   We await the LIGHT.”


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