September 4, 2015
11:25 a.m.

     “Peace to you. The heightened energy is what is causing tension. This will give an idea of what the coming effect will be. Now hear this: All is calm at the moment on the surface at least in some areas. We move ever closer and remember the directions many times indicated – the suddenness of a change.

     Matters of Spirit are hard to describe for earth understanding, for many aspects have no earth name or explanation. Therefore, we advise all, that when unusual things happen that you, in your observation, see and feel, that you put aside understanding for a time when more insight can be obtained or explanation given. BLUE is the color to surround yourself with for Balance and Strength. I will come again shortly. Be Alert.”


1:34 p.m.

     “We are aware that everyone preparing for the Change is ‘tired’. To know of ceremonies and hear that the Light is on its way is heightening the expectation. Now it is passed by as ‘just another alert’. There is already an incredible amount of turmoil in the world and yet with sudden change comes more. For those who are ‘keeping the faith’ we can only say “endure, endure”. I will return.”


2:05 p.m.

     “The work may be heavy, but there are many souls who have their alert on ‘ready’. The advantage of this is that there will be more strength at the ready than those who have fallen by the wayside. We come to give support, but there must be an opening, a reception, an awareness. Strength is being built even to the surprise of some who are becoming aware of it. Keep the pattern.”


September 5, 2015
7:11 p.m.

     (m: I felt energy developing inwardly. The heat spread
throughout my inner body and then the outside of my body.
I heard “Breathe deeply.”

“Come hither and hear
For Light Will Shine (I felt I should close my eyes.)
I know not what I see,
But I shall be with thee.

Wipe away your tears
All will be well,
Come, see the Sky

Dance for the Lord,
Tomorrow the Dance Begins.”


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