September 10, 2015

     “We are three. We will speak as one. The times have been full of turmoil and yet the Light is protected. Questions, questions, the mind is full of questions. We see the confusing, the near anger, and the sense of loss, yet the Light shines.

     We do feel an obligation to present up to date current progress. Yet there are unanswered questions for us all. We must wait and the first response is “we have waited,” Still, we say it is current to tell you “we must wait.” There is no answer and no explanation that can be given. We have no word for the state of progress. You may say ‘lack of it’, but there has been movement.”

     We can only say to you do not shut down your open connections. Do not become so weary that the mind is not as sharp as usual. The time will come when this space of time will be looked at in ways of perception as to the reasons for delay. We have only to wait and know there is a reason and the time will activate when it is the appropriate time. No answer is disturbing. You may consider it a test of faith, yet it is simply what it is, a step by step process. Sometimes the tests are taken quickly, other times very slowly. The goal will be reached and the Light will shine over the darkness. Blessed be and hold your faith strongly within. It is your buffer and your strength. We go and feel our explanation has been accepted with wise discernment.”


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