September 9, 2015

     “Coming soon has been heard so many times that the word has lost its meaning. We have been ever vigilant in updating information and waiting, as have you. We see the whole ‘picture’ of earth and can say it has changed. This may not come as a surprise with information available from different parts of the earth. However, we are also including the hidden earth that has so much more life than is known.

     Vigilance is the state of mind needed now. It is time to set aside the weariness and doubt and, like water for a dry earth, the rejuvenation of attitude and mind can begin. Put aside the frustration and doubt and make room in your mind for a fresh start. Once the doors are opened there is no turning back, you and others will be engaged in activity each day. Take moments for quiet time in preparation. You will be guided and you will know and sense what to do. Rest. Prepare for battle.”


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