September 11, 2015
By Adriane

     “What exactly is the transition everyone is talking about. Teachers and channels have given many terms, processes, and meanings to the change. The reason for the differences is individual understanding. Each person is limited to their own ability and capacity to understand spiritual reality. The spirit is unlimited, but until the spirit actually experiences being unlimited, the understanding is limited by experiences and understandings so this is how we get many versions of this new dimensional change. It is all dependent on the level of understanding of the person receiving the Information.

     I would like at this time to share my understanding of what is happening. To understand what I am about to share you must, just for a short time, suspend all your preconceived ideas of anything anyone has ever said to you about the ascension, rapture, or whatever term you have come to understand as the change. Free your mind, allow a new space in your mind to hold and absorb a new understanding. Some of what I will tell you will be shocking because it is so very different from what you have been told, or what you have come to understand. Please know that no matter what scenario you find yourself in, all people, children and pets will be safe and taken care of because this has been planned for a long, long time. All possible outcomes and their variations have been accounted for and everyone and everything will be safe. There is absolutely no need to worry about anything or anyone. All who are transitioning will be taken care of and supported in love.

     This is what is happening. A new dimension has been created just for you because of the unique situation you all find yourselves in at this time. A new planet has been created for you to live on. This planet is a planet of love vibration which is higher than what you have experienced on Earth. The reason why everyone including animals must transition to the new planet is because you can no longer live on the Earth planet known as Gaia because she is ascending to become a Star, a Sun.

     When Gaia ascends the Earth will no longer exist, therefore you are transitioning to the new planet in a special dimension created just for you. Your new planet will be in a vibration similar to what you have come to know as 5th dimensional Earth. There can, of course, no longer be a 5th dimensional Earth planet or any dimension of Earth planet. Gaia will become a Sun, not a Planet. All dimensions of Earth planets will cease to exist since that experience is coming to an end. Your experience however is not ending.

     You will continue in a new dimension and new planet created just for you. You will continue to grow spiritually and advance…experiencing wonderful new experiences and you will know, get to finally know, what it feels like to live in a body on a planet where Love is expressed in every aspect of daily life. You now will have the opportunity to experience Love in your personal interactions with each other and experience new Love based expressions of art and science. Do not fear the transition, it will be a wonderful and marvelous opportunity for you to enjoy what living a life of love feels like.”


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