September 12, 2015
By Adriane

     “There will be a division of energies at the time of separation from Earth. First of all, I want to assure everyone that you will be safe and your children and pets will be safe. A portion of the population will be advancing higher. It is my understanding that they will dematerialize from your transition time line. Some of these people are the Celestial Light Workers who came here to help with the transition and do not belong to the new dimension or time line. They will be going back to their respective lives in their own resonant energy. Some others whose energy signature is low and unable to resonate to the new planet will also be leaving. All of these people will be safe. They will continue their journey in an energy matrix that is best suited for their advancement so they too will be safe. Everyone will be safe and supported in the best way for them to be able to progress on their soul path. The Creator is very protective of His children and all of humanity is His children no matter where they are in time or space.

     It is my understanding at this time that the new planet has a new Akashic record that will only contain the signatures of those who will be transitioning and able to resonate to the new planet. This is why I sincerely doubt that anyone will even know some people are missing once you wake up in your new home. The new planet will have no record that they ever existed. Please be assured that no one will suffer, and everyone will be fully supported in love and taken care of during this transition. Everyone is fully supported in their new life in whichever energy matrix they will find themselves, fully supported in love, for the betterment of their chosen soul path.

     Since you actually create the world you live in there will probably be little difference in appearance on your new planet, unless most of you want to envision it differently. One way you will know “New Earth,” is in the way people will treat each other. There will soon be new sciences emerging on the planet, new art and architecture, and new ways of governing. It will feel familiar…like home…yet different and somehow better in many respects. The sky will look a bit different and you may glimpse sight of a spaceship from time to time. Those of you who have been looking forward to first contact will be happy to know that you now will resonate on a planet in an energy matrix where this is now possible.”


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