September 12, 2015

     “We are waiting. Gathering. Listen well to our words. Tri – three – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

     Wonders are hard to describe especially when they are new, also when they have been created for the first time. There will be confusion and many almost laughable conjectures. It is useless, a waste of time. There will be explanations at some point, but to try to explain all will be impossible. Part of this is because a new vocabulary may be used. It is best to record and remember.

     This has been a most challenging step into the New Future. The skill, time, and effort cannot be imagined for it has been done with extreme care and love. Nothing has been created that has not been carefully evaluated over and over again. It had to reach a level of perfection and so it is. With its newness it may not be evident except for the beauty you see. Details that are allowed to be given will undoubtedly take much thought. Be patient in learning for it will take time, piece by piece. At the beginning is not the time to investigate for once you have an idea or view it may change directly in front of you. Again, take notes.

     The happenings at the beginning may also be disturbing or puzzling. The unknown creates anxiety in some people. We are waiting for the signal as are you. You will know, many will know, there will be no doubt. We ask that you make time to prepare mentally and to be open to words which may come. Take things slowly in your mind when there is one thing after another. That is why we emphasize notes.”

     (m: I saw a huge circular shaped space ship, possibly a dark blue color.
It was so large I could not judge the size.)

     “We will fly above you. We may or may not be seen, but I can tell you there are many awaiting the signal who are close to earth. Know that you are not alone. Again, stay strong and be prepared for change. We go, but this time we do not have to go far. Be at peace.”


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