September 16, 2015 

Q: Thanks to you all. My first question …is there a list of other questions that have been asked? Is there a way people can have comments about what we read (a dialogue)?

A: We have had a great deal of difficulty getting the Q&A page to work, so no, there are no other questions to see at this time. We are researching having a Blog instead of a Q&A but that will take time before it is up and running.

Q: One day recently Marcia posted that Sandalphon said ‘get ready for battle’ and then, ‘you said in another posting that we should clear our minds of other ideas of how it will progress or change’. Your posting was very comforting by saying all beings would be cared for. I do understand about soul paths. Maybe the difference in your two postings could be that when other/various souls are separated according to their path and dimension…that maybe the ones in lower vibrations will be together and they will be in a battle while the other move on without strife? Thank you.

A: To answer your second question about the conflicting information. The answers in both posts are correct. As far as anyone here on Earth is concerned, lead your life with no concern for future happenings because in truth, as far as your Earth awareness is concerned life will not seem that much different than it ever was, and you will be cared for and supported with love. Those on Earth will not be aware of all the behind the scenes battles, movements and changes, though believe me, they are taking place at this very moment. The battle Sandalphon spoke of is a Celestial one, not a battle on Earth. Great care has been taken so that your everyday lives will go on with very little interruption or upheaval. Yes, there will be changes, but they will be changes in perception as those ready to integrate 5th dimensional energy start becoming more aware of those energies and the gifts they present.

     All the collective thought forms of every person on the planet create the appearance of the world you live on…so no matter what happens your world will always look like Earth until you envision it differently. There is no split, that is a misconception. 3d, 4th, and 5th dimensional Beings will all coexist on the New Earth. It is only the perception of energies that is changing because about 15% of you are ready to perceive 5th dimensional energies. There have always been Beings of multiple dimensional awareness on Earth. If you want to retain a physical body 3rd dimensional awareness is absolutely necessary. Now, more of you are becoming Multidimensional, which means you will retain and be aware of the 3rd through 5th dimensions. 

     Think about it. Multidimensional is an awarenesss of energies of multiple dimensions. Why do you physically need to go anywhere? Think of all the masters who walked the Earth. They were at least 7th dimensional Beings yet they had 3rd dimensional bodies. As long as you retain a body you will live in a 3d world, but your multiple dimensional awareness can reach as high as you are able to perceive. In truth, all 12 dimensional energies have always been here, you just can’t access most of it yet, but you will someday. As more of you become aware of the higher dimensional energies your thought forms will eventually change your world. The only thing falling away is awareness of 1st and 2nd dimensional energies as you would have to lower and slow your energy too much to interact with it since they are such dense energies. The transition to New Earth has already happened. All this conjecture about some big happening at the moon eclipse is just hysteria and fear. There likely will be a big earthquake somewhere on Earth as we get close to the eclipse time, but that is to be expected due to the pull the moon has on water. It is a natural phenomena.



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