September 19, 2015

     “I fly fast for there are many areas to cover. Your eye is good, keep it at the same level. We are taking steps forward though it does not show. This means progress on the other side which is not visible. This is a little more than step by step, but slowly and carefully building up speed. You will sense a change in feeling when outside with nature. We cannot yet point to a specific sign or sound yet know that we are moving forward. This may be frustrating for those who expected a sudden sign in the sky, but when it is time for speeded up happenings they will appear so quickly that there will be a need for insights and earth sights to be remembered. This is one reason that I have speeded up my flight and quickly disappeared. It is training for the next stage. Calmness is the state of mind that needs to be ready for the next step.

     The steps that are most carefully attained will be strong and when the hop, skip and jump stage comes you will be ready in mind and spirit. There may be a change in my flight pattern where I must appear and disappear without flight. There are multiple reasons for this that are not necessary to explain. Just be ready for a different appearance and disappearance. Listen as we move forward. The Sound Will Be Known.”


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