September 21, 2015

      “It has been a long journey, a tiring one, a challenging one. Now it is time to once again look to the Sky for Signs and Sounds. They may be small and the sounds may be small, but be alert to what you see. Quietly, at first, you will begin to feel a difference in the energies arriving. The first step, you might say, is Being Aware. The second step is Hearing and Observing. Do not be pushed into a fast paced pattern. Stay calm and take each step as it comes. There will not be a big change at first. There will be steps, individual steps forward, not an all at once show, but movement at different levels.

     Calmness and Steadiness are your guides. Your dog is aware of those who are near. Watch his reactions. Be an observer at first with no expectations. Remember to record what you see and sense. Don’t think too far ahead. You will have guidance. Be Yourself, Your True Self as all Light Workers Must Be.


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