September 22, 2015

     “We have come to a turning point. As with many changes the beginning is uneventful. There are many who will read these words who will sigh and pass it by. This is unfortunate for alertness will be needed and quickness of mind. We have given as much information as possible and we now gird ourselves for the next step. By that I mean we must be ready to react with caution and courage. There will be those whose mental acuity is fragile and the changing of their daily pattern of living will be like pulling threads out of material.

     Again and again we say ‘keep notes’ for this period of time is mammoth and the tale must be told for it will never, ever, happen again. The skeptics will be verbal but then silence will come as they try to piece together new happenings. Be cautious that you do not ‘spin’ through the unusual changes. Find a center of your Self within. Make that the steadying point for physical and mental points. Remember previous guidelines – the speed of changes, the adjustment needed, the balance required. If you feel you are losing it, then stop, calm your breathing and find, if not peace, at least a calmer area around your body. We will give quick, short guidelines. This does not mean they lack importance because of length of guidance. There may be times when one word will suffice. GOD IS LOVE AND HIS WORD WILL PREVAIL.”




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