September 24, 2015
 By Adriane

     “There are powerful transformation and love based energies bathing our planet right now. As these Light Energies pour in they are, for many people, bringing to the surface the dark thought forms created out of negative thoughts and beliefs. They are being brought to the surface for clearing. These thought forms can be cleared through forgiveness and love. First of all, love yourself, forgive the people from your past who are associated with the negative thoughts and beliefs you have of self and the world around you.

     Forgive yourself for accepting negative thought forms of lacking, rejection, not good enough, unlovable, not acceptable. Open wide to the new energies and allow its Light to pour into those dark corners of yourself. Forgive the negative people in the past who may have been related to these beliefs and thought forms, and most importantly, forgive yourself for any wrong doing or guilt that you feel about it. Free yourself by opening to the Love energy, let the Love energy lift the veil you have hidden your true self in. Let the new energies show you your true self, allow the healing light to pour into you driving out the ideas of self lacking you have allowed to propagate. Throw the doors of your heart open wide, allow the Light to illuminate your mind and show you that you are made in the image of Source. You are a spark, an aspect of Source, there is no lacking with you. Love yourself as much as God loves you so that you may share your love with all creation. Surrender to the Source of your being by allowing the Divine Light of Source to flow through you, reclaiming your true identity as an aspect, a part of the Source Of All That Is. This will allow you to align with your highest soul purpose so you will create with the divine plan of Source in mind. This is the goal and is a part of every soul plan no matter what other individual connection your plan may contain. This aligning with Source is the goal of all. 

      Everything is Energy. You are energy, your thoughts are energy and every thing around you is energy As the planet and your own resonance raises, you will come to see how thoughts create. Your thoughts physically create your own personal environment and the shared combination of everyone’s thoughts create your world. Imagine it like this: You are an Energy Being from Source living in a matrix of energy in which thoughts can create and manipulate energy into whatever physical form you desire. You have been doing this unconsciously up until now. As your resonance raises and you reconnect, you will eventually consciously guide and build through your thought. Be aware of your thoughts. What thoughts are you feeding the most energy? Positive or negative, whatever thought you feed the most will come back to you in form. Be aware of your fears…do not feed them by concentrating on them.

     Do you fear global warming, ISIS, poverty, being unloved? One of the major lessons of our time on New Earth is conquering fears and false beliefs and learning about our true self, the planet and others who are with us on this journey through creation. Every time you become aware you are responding to dark thoughts and emotions. Envision a soft pink light with beautiful golden sparkles pouring into you, filling you with positive feelings of love and acceptance, lifting you up, filling you up with Light and Love.

     The Ascension is an absorption and assimilation of new energies that lead to a change in awareness and perception, not a change in location. You have always been creators though you did it unconsciously. The 5th dimensional energies have always been here but most were unaware of them. Now some of you are becoming aware and slowly….step by step…you will integrate the energies and learn how to use them in your daily life. You will start to see the inner connectedness of all things, and this will lead to an understanding of how what you believe really does shape and affect your reality. You are Creators in the sense that the energy you put out into the world in thought forms comes back to you validating your belief. You each are living in your own individual reality and in a very real way it is a world of your own making. Don’t keep feeding it with thoughts of fear and lacking unless that is what you want coming back to you in your reality. 

     These new more refined Light Energies have a magnifying effect. Many of these energy streams are heart centered energies and will magnify the energy of the heart chakra bringing potential for more love and compassion to those who can absorb this energy and assimilate. As the numbers of those who have assimilated the new energies increase it will be reflected back into your reality bringing more love, light and compassion into the world in general. Some of the other energies coming in will magnify the energies you already carry enhancing latent abilities. As you fill with more Light Energy, the darker energies you have carried are being pushed up to the surface so you can clear them. That is why so many are becoming emotional right now, or acting in strange ways, or having strange pains and illnesses and body reactions. It is a clearing taking place.

     The combined thought forms of all residents of Earth forms your world. If there are huge swings in belief and desire that is where energies collide and conflicts (war) arise. In extreme cases it can actually form vertices that cause the Earth to react violently. This is what we are seeing right now on New Earth, this conflict of negative and positive energies, and soon those of the lowest energies will be moving on to more comfortable surroundings if they cannot assimilate the new energy increase. You are creating….no matter how bad or how wonderful, simply by believing it is so. (Jesus’ example of the mustard seed and mountain taught this.

Matthew 17:20 King James Bible

     And Jesus said unto them, “Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, he shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” 

     This is how your world is created. What thoughts and beliefs you feed into the planetary mind matrix will come back to you in form. If you really desire to change your world, change yourself, change your thoughts and beliefs.”







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