September 25, 2015

      “We are in a circle of time, meaning we seem to be traveling the same route. Much has happened in the last few years beyond knowing and comprehension. Those things not seen have been many, but unknown, and signs few and far between. We have waited along with those on earth for we are guided by God above. Many changes have been made in earth and on earth and beyond earth. Unknowing to most, there has been no guideline, no sure steps showing movement forward. As you know, many have moved away from the closeness they once felt to advancing newness with things of change. Now we reach a moment in time, a signal, a sign, a revelation of the mighty love of the Father of us all. Within each soul is Light and it was meant to shine, but instead has been covered and little known. The time is coming when enlightenment may be surrounded by confusion. Those who have analytical minds will feel they are in a foreign country, for their mind will have no guideline for what is ahead.

     The steps to take are either instant or without knowing. Trust the inner Self. If confusion begins to cloud the mind, then, as advised before, stop and breathe calmly and find and/or create balance. There are many who are closer to earth than they have ever been and marvel at the diversity of the souls on Earth. They are treasured souls who have labored and walked a difficult path. Many are unknown, but they are known to God. 

     We come now to a Marker In Time. This marker is unseen but shines its Light beyond earth eyes. As the Sounds begin, the heart will respond with knowing. It is at that time that listening with a keen ear is necessary for balance. I will be in many places quickly and leave my message quickly. This requires a keen eye and a keen sense of connection. Be prepared for quickness of action, one after another. THE LIGHT WILL SHINE. Let it warm and connect with your heart.   I go.



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