September 28, 2015

       “Smoothness is seldom noticed but unevenness is more evident. Watch for signs has been heard many times, but for beginnings, Sound is the main centering of interest. Sound also draws attention because of its unusual nature – and that is it can immediately draw attention. The vibrations that come with sound cause a range of emotions from fear to anger. The body reaction, perhaps never felt before, can cause uneasiness to panic. It is important to remember that mental calmness is the key to adjustment. This, too, you have heard before, but if you have been in a changing situation, you know how quickly it causes some people to react with stress. It is those who, in the midst of unknowing situations can grab hold of the intent of riding it out. There has to be some aspect of separateness, at least for a few moments, that allows for quick thinking and quick action. 

     We are many who are closer to earth than ever before. This is a one time event never before seen or experienced and we are here for help and observation. Step forward into this new era with joy, with confidence, with trust that you are being surrounded with love.”


Second message- Different Entity

     “In the days ahead it is well to remember that change experienced does not have to be disturbing. It is the mind that will have the challenge of adjustment. How you look at a situation will have a strong effect. This is nothing new, but we bring it to your attention for review. The body will be making adjustments in ways that are not evident.”


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