October 11, 2015

     The last post from Sandalphon said there is a stall in effect.   I didn’t realize that the stall also included messages. It has been nine days since a message but it seems longer. I’m hearing tones and strong high pitch sounds, but no words. It seems much longer when the messages have been coming regularly. I did ask ‘when’ they would begin and I heard “Coming”. So we wait to see how long that will be.    

     I found a poem I wrote when a child asked me “what does Spirit mean’? I forgot about it until I found it this weekend. I don’t usually share my poems, but thought I’d include it to bridge the gap.


 What is Spirit, the child asked
Why it’s what makes a puppy play
and wag its tail,
It’s the feeling you get when
you try and try to get your kite in the sky,
 And suddenly there it goes,
 Part of you hanging on to its side.

 It’s what pushes a runner,
 Tired and Out of Breath
 To keep going
When he wonders if he can
take another step.
Spirit is what you feel when on a
very quiet night,
You look at the stars and moon
 In silent delight.

It’s a strange thing, you see,
There’s the spirit of a country,
Of an individual, an animal, a
Yet it’s all around.
 Like air, not seen, but there;
 It’s what lives and goes home
 When the heart beats no more.

 It’s what helps you
make the right choice
When you don’t know what to do.

Oh, Spirit is many things,
Some you must find for yourself,
What is Spirit?
Dear child, Spirit is you.

 by Marcia


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