October 18, 2015

     (m: I was walking from one room to another when a sudden strong tone came through. I heard a different language and then in English I heard the following words.) 

     “Are you Marcia – Joy?” (m: I am both. Please introduce yourself.)

     “I have come in a long journey and have waited until tensions have settled and locations changed. I speak in my own tongue, but I can change to other languages. Listen please and record.”

     “One of the best moves in going forward is to be aware of events that are happening that are unknown. Many have said ‘something is happening’ but they have no knowledge of what it is for it is hidden. I come to be a mentor and to help in taking steps at the 5th Dimensional level. I am aware of the site and those involved. I send you this message to think on and to act on. Turmoil is evident on your planet but it will increase. At this time it is important to be like a stake in the ground, sturdy and firm and unbending. I am of a Light that is seldom seen or heard. We send you tones and meaning attached. …. I shall return.”


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