October 25, 2015

     “Be of good cheer. There will be gaps ahead for most, meaning periods of time of what will feel like blank space. Yet, in knowing there is much energy and progress being made. This difficult time is the result of many layers of turmoil arriving and yet progress. The believers, the Light Workers with Strength and Faith will progress. Others will wallow in uncertainty. Waiting is difficult, but consider, the world is changing, people are changing and progress is slow, but steady. We have seen the Light and there are those on earth who have seen the Light while others have felt the strands of love that are in the Sky.

     We have signs in the Sky, but they are, for the most part not observed. We find this puzzling and yet there is much warfare, much strain and life problems that take away from spiritual awareness. It was thought that with the many changes, particularly the earth changes, that awareness would spread. There is some attention to earth changes, how can it not be so when an area is flooded with depths of water unknown or current weather changes that cannot be explained. The animals know. Have you not, yourself, become aware that there are not as many birds in the sky? They have not disappeared, they are there, but carefully aware of their surroundings. We choose not to give specifics at this time. When something is being built or is changed, it has the most impact and knowing when sight is involved with a wider range of that which can be seen.

     Prayer has not been mentioned in the posts for awareness had to grow and earth people already had their views. Now we say, reach inwardly with your mind and connect with your heart. Find and create balance in your own world. Let there be peace created though there be turmoil. Be patient with others, those who do not move forward in patience and knowing. The Light was sent, that you saw, it cannot be denied. Adjust to change, adjust your seeing, meaning look at Earth, the Sky and its inhabitants in a different way of seeing and knowing. Your patience will be rewarded.

     You, meaning you, to you as an individual and those who read these words are surrounded with Love, for Love is not always seen, but still travels and spreads its Light. We send Love. Take time to be a receptor. I go, but will return. Going within brings peace and balance though the steps are ahead and not seen.


     Note: I usually start the day by looking at the sky and then the earth.   I was observing the bushes between my neighbors’ houses. Suddenly there was the hawk manifesting with wings outstretched as he then flew away. It seemed he wanted me to know that it was him and appeared so very, very low to the ground…a wonderous sight suddenly appearing.

Re “Take time to be a receptor”.   Receptor – A nerve ending that senses changes in light, temperature, pressure etc. and causes the body to act in a particular way, responds to various stimuli.       (Webster Dictionary).


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