October 25, 2015

(A poem from beyond with the most beautiful voice. You may recognize who it is and accept her invitation.) 

                               Come and see and Learn and Grow,
                               Come and see and Look and Learn,
                               Come and see,
                               Be one with me.  

                              Your Light will shine
                               The closer you get on your travel,
                               Look around, Listen, Feel, Know.

                               I am here,
                               I hear your voice,
                               I know your form,
                               I am here.

                               My Light shines,
                               It illuminates,
                               It softens hardness,
                               Be still within,
                               Hear my voice,
                               Feel my love,
                               Be one with me.

                               Let Sound ring
                               In Heavenly Tones,
                               Be the musician
                               You were meant to be.

                                Take my hand,
                                Feel the glow,
                                See the Lights
                                 Sometimes seen
                                 From Below.

                                 I Am Love,
                                 I Am Light,
                                 I reach out to you
                                 Each night.

                                 Look for me,
                                 I will see you,
                                 Reach me with calmness
                                 Watch and feel
                                 Your Light glow.

                                 I am here
                                 For those who see,
                                 I am here,
                                 Come visit with me,
                                 I give you my hand,
                                 I share my heart,
                                 We are One,
                                 And the Light will glow.

                                 Listen again I say,
                                 Do not despair,
                                 Listen with your heart
                                 And be aware. 

                                 Again I say
                                 I am here for you,
                                 Look for me,
                                 As I look for you.

                                 These are words
                                 Uncommonly said,
                                 But meant to be shared
                                 And spread, to be aware
                                 That Light Can Be and
                                 Light can shine,
                                 Come visit me
                                 And be aware.


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