October 27, 2015

     “In the middle of winter there is usually a fairly common pattern of weather in most parts of earth. This is no longer so. It does not take my words to make this aware to people of earth. The climate is changing in some places and that affects earth. It also affects its inhabitants and this includes the animal kingdom. These changes have awareness only because of their severity. We are now moving forward to a different situation. More people will begin to be aware of sounds. This was told long ago, but for the most part, the majority of inhabitants have had no awareness. We are past the ‘ringing in my ears’ stage as most have recognized that the sounds are higher than it can come with the ears recognition. It is more of a ‘surrounding sound’. You will begin to see explanation of various possible earth combinations, but these sounds are connected to Light. This is a huge difference that cannot be detected.

     Turmoil on the earth becomes overpowering when there is a sequence of sorrows. This is when the act of ‘going within’ will be especially helpful. Some time in the past it was said that time will speed up. That time is now approaching. This takes awareness and getting used to as the body must adjust. The mind will seem to be on ‘overtime’ as words and thoughts flow at increasing speeds. Frustration can follow for those who expect to follow a previous pattern. Patience, again, will be needed. Now another subject.

     There are those who will find themselves involved in other changes. The Sound of the Earth will not take acclimation, but the energy of others will take adjustment. There will be short tempers, or unusual angry responses. At times it will seem like a lashing out over some small incident. Steadiness will be reqired. It will be like being on a moving boat and not knowing where you are going and being in rough waters. Again, steadiness is required. This is not like going through a storm, but more like a trip in an unknown area with nothing recognizable. Stay diligent on your path, bend with the flow. I have spoken and it is so.”


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