October 30, 2015

     “Your eye is sharp.  I am manifesting in smaller form.  Write fast.” (Manifestation form at end of the message.)

     “Soon there will be turmoil, not a good beginning on the message, but it will be.  Many messages have given guidelines on going within and being steady.  This is nothing new.  I now suggest a different route or pattern.

     As you become aware of Sounds and unrest, start using color for balance.  Review the meanings and observe their color power.  Do Not mix together to make one color.  Use one color only.  As you open to the meanings, use them carefully for these are not ordinary colors.  They now come with the Power Of Light.  Guidance will be given.  Additionally, strengthen self, meaning become aware of your body with intent.  Is their stress, tiredness or pain – concentrate on that area with calm energy.  Cover each area separately.  Take time to be sure that the particular area has had individual attention.  This is important as you will be aware of the body in sections or areas that need attention.

     Around you is energy, above you is energy, ascending you is energy and for the most part this is unknown.  We step forward on the path of understanding, but it is not a quick journey.  Each step takes awareness. This means in acknowledgement and in reaction to what is needed both inwardly and outwardly.  You may stand alone at times, but each person must find guidance from within.  I want you to hear this – those of you who read the words.  I SPEAK TRUTH.  My truth may not always be understood, but keep the Light within protected and use this Light to guide you.”

Later:     ORANGE COLOR  (Sandalphon)

     Observe the color that I have as I manifest.  This is a symbol awareness that indicates the appropriate color to be manifested.  Make it known how still my form was held, giving you time to use the eye awareness in order to see the guidance being given.  As you can see, I may return more than once during the day.”

               (m: The form that Sandalphon took was a Damselfly (a brightly colored suborder of dragonflies with long wings held vertically when at rest.)  The ones that I have seen before have been very fast and I cannot get close enough to observe.  I had just walked outside and there was the orange damselfly.  I stopped in my tracks, but said to him ‘I’d like to see you up closer’.  I carefully moved forward on the step and the Damselfly never moved.  I knew then that it was Sandalphon manifesting.  The color of orange was, as described in research ..’more slender and delicate  – not like a dragonfly, beautiful soft orange color.  Known for fast flight – they twist, turn, change direction in an instant, hover, move up and down and even fly backwards.  They can fly at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour.  (From the book Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews …Dragonflies remind us that we are Light and can reflect the Light in powerful ways if we choose to do so.  Light is never quite the way it appears, but it is always filled with Light and Color.)  I searched for a long time to find the large image that was closest, but could not find it.  This one is close…the tail was darker…but a beautiful soft orange.  It was an Odonata – Anisoptera.  (research) 

   Also on the floor of my home I found a small circular headband …orange with white dots all around.  (I don’t have any that color.)  Sandalphon had never allowed that closeness and just sat there absolutely still so I could observe. Repeating previous color information: Other sites also.

   # 506    –    COLOR – TEXT SUMMARIES – June 21, 2014

COLOR  – TEXT SUMMARIES                                                                                                          

June 21, 2014

VIOLET –  “Carry Violet with care.  Like the Sun, it is strong, vibrant and powerful.  The Ray of Violet is precious as the most valuable jewel of Earth.  It can fly like a bird, it can sing with the most beautiful, soothing tones not heard on earth.  It is far beyond the reach of most. …These tones can be dangerous if misused.  They are not for display and must be contained carefully.”       (#504)  Some numbers will be given for those messages that give more details.

SILVER – “Strands or Codes.  Their purpose, which you are wondering about is to connect, change and submerge within the human body.”  —

     “Silver – A color that can bring a difference in the reality of the energies around you.  It is, surprisingly, a calmer color.  It is smooth in its transference – characteristic of the strength it contains, for it flows freely. If you can relate not only to the smoothest but the speed of the silver energy, you may be able to absorb the protectiveness that is within the color itself.  It is not for all to use for you must match somewhat the energetic flow, like getting in a boat on a fast moving river.  Change ability -feel the smoothness or ride the higher feelings without getting immersed in the middle of the flow.  The energy must be handled carefully or it can sweep you off your feet.”

     “SILVER – a mixing, a tiny absorption of Light, Light absorption is a filament that carries codes, color codes.  They are, for the most part, silver strands or codes.  Their purpose is to connect, change and submerge within the human body.  These strands may not be felt so it will be a learning of sensing before it becomes a learning, a knowing, and reaction in the body.  It is not to be rushed but a planned learning reception takes concentrated intent.  We are of the Blue Light.  (# 434)

BLUE –  “By this we mean concentrate on this color when you observe it as a singular color or as a combined color with another.  Simply observe.  Let the color memory stay with you for future use.  Blue is a calming color.”

(New Chakra Activation – See List # 505.)

     …..”For though song is plentiful on earth and feeling awareness known, there are few who can sense or hear the tone of color that is current.  Musicians and those who are musical will learn the steps very naturally.  It is a complex subject, but at this stage an openness to newness will assist the learning.”

  ….”Colors of eyes is an entirely different field.  I am here to bring forth the possibility of awareness of a field of study not yet known.  I am speaking of a different interaction than that of emotional communication.” ….

….”BLUE and YELLOW – Start with Blue.  Blue and Yellow – Continuance and Strength.”

… “BLUE -This color has many hues and each hue is a tone of strength.  These tones are long reaching and if they could be separated they would stretch out of sight.  Each tone is meshed so there is no division, but it is like a symphony, so each day, earth has melody surround it.  …It is peace, it is meaningful, it is heavenly.  Very few recognize or know of its significance.  These tones or melodies can not be manipulated, but on what you call the ‘other side’, they are able to be separated into song.  These songs are beautiful and cannot be described with earth language.  They must be seen and felt.  These tones are seldom used because they are unknown and there is not at present a way to become familiar with them.  Only the Masters are able to create with these tones which are used for many different things.” …..”BLUE in the sky above you is a clear example of blessings unknown by many.  We can see the shapes and signs, but they are largely ignored.  In circles you have containment, but the circles in the sky are not visible.  We watch in wonder at the high intensity of the chain made by these circles.  The purpose of bringing this to your attention is to use awareness to reach out to the unseen circles.  ….  Looking with the eye will not produce the desired connection.  It is a matter of tuning.  This means eliminating stress and busy thoughts and letting the sensing begin to grow – somewhat like sensing what is on the other side of a door.  When this sensing takes place, what you see and feel will vary with the size and type of circle which is preset.  You then may either see or feel an energy which will be hard to contain.  It is best to inwardly absorb what you can without searching or analyzing.  This leaves a more open, what we will call, sensation though sign does not see it.  It is a step, a small step of energy connection or you might call them ‘particles’. “We have seen an awareness from those who observe the sky, awareness of newness.  This is a good foundation, for beauty should be honored.  Continue to observe the combination of colors.”

     “Consider BLUE.  Concentrate on this color when you observe it as a singular color or as a combined color with another.  Simply observe.  Let the color memory stay with you for future use. …Explanations will be simplified as is the language learning for we transmit many meanings in color and specific color codes.  I have no name, but my color identification can be said as it is what I AM.  I AM Coral.  Green – two different colors…

     My skills would not be known on earth.  They are color divisions and combinations interspersed with the Light.  I create structures with the energy of color combinations.  These combinations cannot be broken.  You could, perhaps, see the aura of these colors in some cathedrals, in some pyramids and even in some flowers.  They are used in the sky not seen from Earth and there are also magnificent structures created for, we’ll call it “Celestial Work’.  This future time will include knowledge at a lower level of color building.  Color gift combination given of Peach, Light Blue, touch of Green and Red/Blue mixture.

YELLOW – can be too bright and hurtful to the eyes.  This is easily understood when Sun rays are bright.  Yet the softest touch of Yellow can be calming.  The lower level of yellow – cream – can be calming to some and bland or neutral to others.   Yellow – Strength.

     “A stronger color at this point (2012) carefully constructed like steel or a Bolt of Light.  It must be used carefully, what a warrior would use.  It can divide or spread out, it can be an area of color blocking as in – one might step around a puddle.  It may be seen only by you, but felt or even sensed by others.  It is your protection and your healing in the sense of smoothing out the tangled energies in a particular space – somewhat like a liquid broom.  It can be used as clearing – used in small steps like cleaning a  space of earth or saving a life by surrounding an attachment which  impedes another.  Must be used like liquid and with care.  Seeing danger image Yellow in front of you.  Intent must be or need to create like concrete.. welded carefully.”

PINK  –  “Affects people the same way..too bright and hurtful or calming.

  “Pink.  Strange to start communication with a color.  Sometimes using a word that seems totally out of context can cause your mind to stop momentarily.” ……”A healing color.  Cords of color are sometimes coiled and sometimes smooth…coil in the sense of circular – not always braided or entwined.”

GOLD – “The gold that is burnished or deep color or dark with shading inbetween.”

GREEN – Many subtle changes or levels of color.  During the monumental changes here should be an effort to bring into your surroundings the color Green  – whether it is with plants or mental imagery, it does not matter as long as the color is available. It is advisable to have various shades to use as ‘balancers’. What this means is that it balances the out of balance energy in the surroundings.  

  You will be able to sense the difference in your environment.

PURPLE – The color of Royalty – many shades.  In stone form this applies as it can be deep and dark and light and clear. This allows for an enlarged expansion of use and knowledge.  A powerful color but soothing and can be used in that form on the human body.  This Purple should be treated royally, carefully, and carefully used.  It is always to be remembered that inherent in the lighter or darker color there is much power, therefore, it should never be handled casually.  When you stir purple in liquid form, you can almost feel the power of the energy therein.  This should be kept in mind when you are using Purple to work with.”

     “Purple is a density, a combination of knowledge.  It sends many messages and the density is not used in the sense it is used on earth.  It is meant to indicate depth and one must explore or know you to perceive that depth.”  

     “Color coordinated stations are being set up for use in the future.  They will be like receiving stations for the colors which are extended will be new to us and we must have ways of aligning with our color fields.”

WHITE  –  Glowing LIGHT; Beauty, Serenity, Love.

ORANGE -An important color to be aware of and learn to use.  It is or can be a barrier, deceptive with its bright color, but strong in its inner core.  Mixed with other colors as the base ‘coat’ it can be very strong.  Using it as a weapon takes skill of concentration and careful calculation.  A color that must be observed in its use not just brought to mind or asked for, but welded like steel – carefully and with control.  The color range with the orange may fluctuate from dark to light but does not weaken the entirety of the color.  It is like a weapon that must be carried with strength and intent.”

BLACK -“Represents the obvious darkness and the unknown.  It can be used as a building wall like concrete, but less substance.  We use it in long areas where we choose to have a barrier.  We have created a black realm where color essences can be stored.  This prevents the color from absorbing any outside color.  It is also impenetrable. …The earth color can be entertained as a receiver, a going within.  This allows space surrounding it to be free of any intrusion.    ….  The Celestial Black is quite different.  It is like velvet (Adriane’s description).  This color can be arranged like a blanket ….for in that space only those invited can go and only specific color may be assimilated.  We also use it in a flying manner to cover much more space.”    (# 328) A color group who shines their Light in specific color groups and combinations.  “It is our speech for the most part, in addition to the use of the mind in transferring thoughts, symbols and patterns.  Colors:  May be used for communication or for healing purposes.  Combined Lights can be used to illuminate a particular area, to create a technical aspect or to change the environment.  It is also used to send signals or for basic communication. …There are set rules for the learning use before any mastership can be reached.  New field called COLOROLOGY.”

     (#277 – Colorology/Color Healing)  Pale somewhat nondescript color – basic foundation, the reception of other color formation.  Light CREAM COLOR -csoftness and peacefulness.

     “Subtle differences of color (in the evening).  These are samples of intermixed colors.  They are not ‘readable’, but they can give a beginning platform of learning and familiarity.”    “Colors will be the new language in a sense.  They will be prominent as Codes and those with ability will be able to combine and create as artists though they have no painting or artistic ability.  This will contribute to the newness of earth for it will come from present occupants.  It is not to be played with, but to be mixed carefully.”      (# 311)

     “Build a visual memory of color as an artist would do for particular effects.  Build a ‘mental catalog’ of new colors you use.  … Wrap yourself in a color of your choosing.  Take this color mentally and build a tunnel, a vertical tunnel.  Start on the right and slowly bring it to the front and slowly encircle your body, attaching it on the right side.  Let the color reflect a feeling that is associated with that color.  Bring the feeling into the color at the beginning or front.  Let it permeate the body and outer body slowly.  As you bring it forward toward you, keep still as you bring it through your body to the back side.  When that step has been taken, hold it steady, but not too intently.  In other words, let it be as a protector cover. Let the feeling, the curtain of color come inward.  Do this step carefufully for you are brining in a physical code.  Let go of the direction and the color find its space inwardly.  This is your first step of Color Code Use.  Observe and feel the effects and use this feeling to alter a more intense or lessened intense feeling with the color.  This amount is balanced with the intensity, and mental control used.  Make no forceful movements when using this procedure.  These steps are small but intensive.  As you would drive a car carefully, also direction your color choice with the same care.  Don’t rush your steps and treat the process with respect.”     (#423)

  “Colors have been mixed and shown in hues not seen before.  The stronger codes are not attempted until the skill level is dependable.  It is never approached casually as it is considered sacred work, a skill to be treasured.  Some of the codes have become part of the inner Earth.  They are anchored.  Others in the sky for the viewing do not last.  It is not less sacred.”

      “Multicolored rainbows are Codes In Plain Sight.  These codes are the Light Centers meaning the particular color has the essence or signature of those who created the combination of colors.  The codes are “calmers” meaning they carry information but they also are covering or blanketing the areas with a non threatening presence.  Within the colors are communication strands which will allow those who can reach the higher levels to tune into the energy strand just as a cord or a phone transmits energy flow.”

       “Color – Begin to be aware/open and open/ aware to seeing or even feeling colors.”

     Viewed: Rainbow with gray only.  Added by a tall Being.  Blue – released into the top part.  Then these colors brought into the rainbow in the following order and below each of the previous color – 1 – BLUE  2 – VIOLET 3 RED 4 – YELLOW 5 – GREEN (lime color) and 6 – SILVER.     Scene described by Adriane-Faceted Orange Diamond Octahedron balancing on their tips. Octahedrons are like 2 pyramids set end to end on their base ….2 octahedrons balancing – orange faceted diamonds made of Light – glowing from inside.  The edging on the octahedrons was like a Green Light that edged the Orange Diamond octahedron – a solid figure with eight plane surfaces.”

     “Color is important and it is strange to us that we do not see more emphasis put on this in the scientific community.   …..It is important to express colors in art.  Having said that it should be taught as an energy healer for that is what it is.  It is used for healing, for sharing emotional messages and a substitute for words.  We design our planet and our bodies with color. We decorate with color, some decorate their bodies.  It is called Tat-toos This color is an inward manifestation that becomes an outward expression of the Self.”

     “Many combinations of colors can be confusing and color as it is used celestially is very different from earth.  It is a means of communication and change – change in the sense of creating by mixing various colors and shades of color .  This is not a simple mixture, this is taking individual color strands of energy that have great power as well as beauty. …Next step – listen/feel openly…let the body feel the energy by becoming aware that you can do so – a wisp of wind effect.  Next step – listening – ears and mind letting the flow of the Code reach your brain.  ….. It is best not to give too much thought when this is experienced or it interferes with the reception.  ….You may find that what is your favorite earth color changes, at least during the event, and may be slightly annoying when you don’t see it again.  …..  Time of Change – some the type that is shown and experienced but does not stay visually.   …It is never done casually for mistakes could be disastrous.”    (# 467)

     “Colors are combined with specific energy flow.  It is more like geometry at advanced knowledge levels.  The energy of each color flows and changes and because of its power, it must be handled by experienced trained technicians.  Purposeful change that has been planned since the Beginning Of Time is a heavenly mixture of Love and Light.  ….. Some of the experiences may cause frustration as those, perhaps of a scientific nature try to fit the pieces together.  This will be wasted time as some of the steps will be deliberatelyh hidden until the proper time for more obvious purposes.”

     “….Finding moments of quiet time will be valuable. …This is not the time for deep thinking or analyzing but simly to feel and absorb quietness.  It should be a time to just be.  The calming of the mind works best and leads to the calming of the body.  It has been a long, long wait….GOD is Love and will prevail.”   (# 490)

      “A circle of energy can float in the air or revolve in such a way that as it spins, it strengthens the energy within.  At the same time that movement causes the outer surroundings to be affected by its speed sending currents reactions in many directions.  In a particular case, it can cause such a flow it is like heat being sent in all directions.  As this energy contains revolving Light that has been coded you have such a rainbow of colors it would be impossible to describe.  Now imagine that circle is not just one circle but many circles, but with varying color codes.  You can see there is no way to individualize the shower of colors.  This illustration is to show there cannot be a description of what is happening.”

     “Light is mixed, entwined and covered with color combinations to delight the eye.  ……You also are aware that the use of color on and in food can cause various reactions, so it would seem that information on color is commonly known.”

     “The color codes sent to earth recently were not mixed as easily as pouring a variety into a combined solution.  That is because each color had not only its obvious signature but the energy of the color.  Also, the color codes are varied in combination of a color before being added to the final mixture.   ……. The earth color codes sent were spread in different directions when they were absorbed by the earth.  This then becomes a combination of Earth color and the New Color Codes.  It is at times like forging, blending which can never be returned to their original color.  This is necessary to create the New Dimensional Attitude.  In this busy time of change you have been alerted to the presence of crystals uncommonly available.  These, too, have been affected by the color codes.  Your DNA has color codes though they do not show as a variety of color.  We ask you to become more conscious of the Colors Around You.” (# 401)




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