October 31, 2015
12:04 a.m.

     “I am from the CENTER OF THE EARTH.” (Are you of the earth people group below the earth?) “Yes, and it is, as you know, unusual for us to speak outwardly. (m: It is my pleasure to meet you.) “Shall we begin?” (m: Yes)

     The Earth will shake as it has numerous times. This can range in different levels of hardly noticeable to severe. The difference is that there will be a different feeling attached. It will be more like ripples or waves of energy. It is like sensing, feeling and yet it is not the typical jerk of earthquakes. It will be like waiting for the jolt that doesn’t happen. This is because there is not a pattern heard before. As you know, when there is newness and no answer, it can cause fear. As with the sensing of the flow, the question will be not only when it will start but also how to handle the speed and unsureness that will be evident.

     The guideline is what has been said before – steadiness and balance. We cannot emphasize it enough. The measurement of its effect will be decided by control of the Mind and the Body. I am now able to move to the surface and if the circumstances are good, I may be able to offer my assistance. As this has not happened before, we cannot give specifics until things are in place.

     It has been a long road to this marker in time.   Use It Well.”


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