November 2, 2015

     “Listen well to these words. Time has been a major focus for Light Workers and others, looking, listening, waiting and those who do not want to hear anything at all. The wait is over as far as movement forward. Your eye, your sensitivy has developed with time and you are more certain to catch me in my travels. This will be helpful when quickness is essential. Now for a new subject. The Sky carries the Colors and the Signs, but the busyness of daily earth requirements interferes with awareness. The Signs increase and the Sounds increase yet there is still emptiness, a lack of movement forward in knowing. We have laid out the pattern of things to come. Use your eyes, your sensing and body awareness.

     It is a gift for the Earth person from below to appear. It is her first step in the outer world and yet it was handled smoothly. If you can bring that balance around you, there will be an easier flow of balance. Listening is the key. Over and over we point to necessary patterns. Who will listen? We must wait and see. Orange, you remember is the color to become familiar with. I go for now. Listen for the Signs that come in many different forms.”


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