November 4, 2015
2:33 – 3:20 a.m.

     “Shall we begin?” (m: Yes).

     “The time moves slowly, yet how can this be when time is speeding up? Perception entangled with emotion is the divisor. It is difficult but needed to have alone space – time to think, time to see and time to hear, but from a different perspective. This means consciously allowing space within the mind for newness. Almost like a separate room new thoughts come in if space is given. We of the Inner Earth always allow time for not only new thought, but quiet time for examination of that thought . We think in different ways. The words flow freely and we are receptive not only to words from above, but from each other.    

   We are patient. We see in a way that is hard to describe for those above earth. The visual is connected with the knowing handed down to us. One might think that the Inner Earth People would move slowly. We do and it is an almost rhythmic, but it is on the outside seen as walking as you do on earth. It is a different cadence, a connection with the Earth, a sensing or feeling that is within.

     We have harmony and it is not as imagination might create a cave like environment. We have many in this realm for it is a distinctive honor to be a part of Mother Earth. We choose to be a part of this path. We have no need of food for we are manifesting Light. We are known individually and yes we have names if we choose. You are wondering and the answer is “Yes I have a name.” I will spell it for you. It is MILAR. We choose our names. We have children of Light. They come to us. They are not born within us. They come and join what you would call family. They bring their learning with them and add to the group knowing.

     We are, of course, very aware of earth, not only its problems, but the beauty of all of the body of earth – plants, flowers, animals and people. We do not interfere, but we can provide balancing action. The portals which are opening above is what allows me to arrive beyond my realm to explain and perhaps answer questions. We treasure quiet time and peacefulness. This is inborn as harmony is part of what you might call our heritage. We have no animals in the same form as above, but we do have animals immersed in Light form – knowledgeable and playful for we do like laughter.

      We have male and female aspects of Life and we send our Light and absorb it and harmony and joy is created. We have no books in physical form, but if necessary, we can perceive words and meaning. We do have water – I am picking up your thought question, and it flows or can be manifested at will. Marcia, your name has more meaning than you know and this is true of many on the outer earth. You have visited us though you did not know the way. Your idea of becoming a tree form with roots for entrance worked well, but only because you were open to us in heart and mind.

     I say this specifically to those who respect our Being and the Light they show. We are not manifesting on earth, however, little by little you may sense or feel a connection which can act as guidance. Create calmness, enjoy all that Mother Earth can show you and have respect for the Being she is. I go.”


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