November 7, 2015

      “Let us begin. We are close to the beginning. You are surrounded by energies as are many. To some the sound that comes with it is disturbing if not frightening. It is reaching out, a clearing or an awakening with words that need to be shared. It is amazing that there are so many who are unaware of their environment. This is a time of adjustment, a journey forward with the destination unknown. Let us review.

     We are in a new dimension, a new environment that for the most part seems to be the same though there is the difference of warfare. You, the Light Workers, struggle to find balance and for some the struggle is to continue on the unknown path of Light. How can this time be handled? Persevere is the answer. Stamina is required like climbing a mountain daily. The climb is so difficult that the surrounding view seems far away.

     It is time to stop, stand still, and observe your surroundings. Do you then feel a difference? Do you see or feel a difference? Can you find peace for a moment as the unknown energies swirl around you? Find or create your moments of peace. Hear us, meaning, be aware of the feelings that arrive within. Just a little longer may be a soothing thought, but it must be followed with grit and determination. Don’t weaken. Keep on the path even if the way is not known. Be at peace.”


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