November 7, 2015
4:28 a.m.

     “Can we talk? (m: Yes) I am from PLANET A and we are using this opening time to communicate. We are not known and would have stayed that way if the portals had not opened. It was, perhaps, expected that the openings would have opened with a great entrance in the Sky. Instead, we are suddenly here and trying to find an opening time to communicate that best fits our energies. We come in peace though we see that the Earth is full of war and disasters. We were told it has not always been this way and that presently the tidal waves of imbalance are reactive. As a result we must speak somewhat more undercover. 

     Our mission is first to make the journey. Secondly, it is to adjust to the earth climate and then to find a connection which we now have done. We are here to guide with suggestions as to how best to handle the times ahead. You seem quite comfortable with my connection. (m: Yes, it is very smooth.)

     “We had heard of earth long ago, but the correct timing had to arrive. We pay little attention to time, but we were guided by our Higher Beings as to the correct time. Now I am sure you are wondering ‘what is our purpose’? One, to share the Light, to become familiar with Earth People and to share our knowledge. Earth is, at first, a very confusing place. There are so many differences and wide range of thought. We want to assimilate thought and body in a balancing step forward way. Our people are known for their strength and by that I mean mental strength and the Power and Use Of Our Light. We can use it to destroy or clear dark energies, somewhat like earth people prepare the ground for planting. Away from earth and in our own environment we seek and search for ways to spread Light. This involves vast unknown beginnings. The smoothest of our Energy Field is known and it is well protected. If we find a dark place or a rough place we use our skills to turn it from darkness to Light and Harmony. We colonize some areas for a period of time or we create a peaceful, quiet open space.

      In earth we find the diversity requires intense desire and concentration. We are here to connect and teach. (m: I welcome you and look forward with my heart and mind to learn and grow.) Keep your focus, your mental focus steady. We will have to perceive a possible changing of time. We will come at times with more than one speaker and that will require your skill at shifting with various energies. They are our trademark. (m; You are welcome here. I send you thoughts of love and peace if that is acceptable.) Light is always accepted and we receive them with openness. We must go, but will re-connect. (m: Thank you for your kindness.)”



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