November 21, 2015

     (A small bird materialized and flew in front of me at an extremely high speed and disappeared in the air.   It was Sandalphon. His speed is unbelievably fast as he predicted.)

      “A long time ago there was turmoil of the land – unpredicted and unknown happenings. You have already seen this happen with unexplained holes and openings in the earth. You will see more. This particular time period is an up and down non predictable period of chaos. It is difficult to prepare and other than awareness and preparedness there are few steps to take.

     We have here a time of unbelievable stress in areas that are under attack. It may not show on the surface and the bravery of those in certain areas is to be commended, but inwardly there is shock. Those of you who perceive the look in the eyes of survivors realize it is not a feeing that goes away because of survival. This is a phase of killings that is unprecedented.

     We are here close to earth. Some may feel abandoned or separate for communication is sparse. Still, there is motion all around you and those who can hear the higher level of sounds know this to be true. Be patient, be alert.”



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