November 23, 2015

           “Peace be unto you. We will begin.

           In the coming days there will be many changes. Some will be felt, some will be unknown but perhaps sensed. No message is necessary for earth people to know that there is much turmoil in the world. Most are preparing either mentally or with alertness. This can cause strain, but the courage of those who are surrounded with possible terror is commendable. I would like to put that aside for a moment and address a different subject. You were privy to seeing the ceremony preceeding the Light being sent to earth. There is much sacredness that is around you on earth for those who are maintaining their closeness and connection with the other dimensions. It is not what is seen for much is hidden and the signs are not yet manifesting clearly.

     We are in a quiet time, odd to hear, but neverless important for those who are aware of the beyond. Those of you who are hearing the Sounds and Tones so clearly sometimes forget that it is rarely heard by the majority. It is those Sounds that will alert you for changes unknown. IT WILL BE THE SIGNAL. You are wondering if you will know the difference. Do not doubt. The change or difference will be clear. To the other LIGHT WORKERS who are following these words, you may not all hear the frequencies that arrive, but this is not to say that you will not be able to know a signaling. There are different levels of Sounds heard for different levels of Skill.

     Now Hear This: BLUE, BLUE IS THE COLOR TO BRING AROUND YOU. CLOSELY AND CAREFULLY IT IS TO BE DRAWN. CLOSELY AND CAREFULLY THE DIRECTIONS TO COME MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY AS THE DIRECTIONS ARE GIVEN. Peacefulness, if possible, should be within the circle. Information will be given quickly, as mentioned before. You are well prepared to do this. Stay separate, but not aloof and this is guidance for those who understand the reason for the direction. Over and over I have emphasized that Calmness and Steadiness is the key to balance. If you feel it slipping, breathe deeply and spread calmness. Those of you who are readers, hear this: I WILL SING THE SONG OF TRUST. I WILL BE.”


FROM: June 21, 2014   Color Text Summaries # 508

BLUE: This color has many hues and each hue is a tone of strength. These tones are long reaching and if they could be separated they would stretch out of sight. Each tone is meshed so there is no division, but it is like a symphony, so each day, earth has melody surround it….It is peace, it is meaningful, it is heavenly. Very few recognize or know of its significance. These tones or melodies can not be manipulated, but on what you call the ‘other side’, they are able to be separated into song. These songs are beautiful and cannot be described with earth language. They must be seen and felt. These tones are seldom used because they are unknown and there is not at present a way to become familiar with them. Only the Masters are able to create with these tones which are used for many different things.

   …..BLUE in the sky above you is a clear example of blessings unknown by many. We can see the shapes and signs, but they are largely ignored,. In circles you have containment, but the circles in the sky are not visible. We watch in wonder at the high intensity of the chain made by these circles. The purpose of bringing this to your attention is to use awareness to reach out to the unseen circles. …Looking with the eye will not produce the desired connection. It is a matter of tuning. This means eliminating stress and busy thoughts and letting the sensing begin to grow – somewhat like sensing what is on the other side of a door., When this sensing takes place, what you see and feel will vary with the size and type of circle which is preset. You then may either see or feel an energy which will be hard to contain. It is best to inwardly absorb what you can without searching or analyzing. This leaves a more open, what we call, sensation though sight does not see it. It is a step, a small step of energy connection or you might call them ‘particles”.

     We have seen an awareness from those who observe the sky, awareness of newness. This is a good foundation, for beauty should be honored. Continue to observe the combination of colors.

     Consider BLUE. Concentrate on this color when you observe it as a singular color or as a combined color with another. Simply observe. Let the color memory stay with you for future use. …Explanations will be simplified as is the language learning for we transmit many meanings in color and specific color codes. I have no name, but my color identification can be said as it is what I AM. I AM Coral. Green – two different colors.

      My skills would not be known on earth. They are color divisions and combinations interspersed with the Light. I create structures with the energy of color combinations. These combinations cannot be broken. You could, perhaps, see the aura of these colors in some cathedrals, in some pyramids, and even in some flowers. They are used in the sky not seen from Earth and there are also magnificent structures created for, we’ll call it “Celestial Work.” This future time will include knowledge at a lower level of color building. Color gift combination given of Peach, Light Blue, touch of Green and Red/Blue mixture.’



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