November 26, 2015

     “I am here on a special day. Many thanks will be heard today. It is good that a day is set aside for thanks because life requires much attention. Now we begin.

     Over the last few years there have been many warnings. Some which appeared not to have happened did happen, but it was out of sight. The many preparatories were followed in good conscience and then forgotten. Like a swing it moved up and seemingly out of sight. We then arrive at the point where many gave up and returned to their life without any awareness of belief in change. These were many and it was sad to see those who turned their back and showed no interest in what was to come. For those who have kept the faith, I now address these words: 

     All things have a beginning and an ending. You may immediately think of things that have lasted through the centuries, but they too have changed endings and beginnings. And so it is, CHANGE IS COMING. ADJUSTMENT WILL BE NEEDED. Some changes will be small, some will be large. ALL WILL BE AFFECTED. How you adjust to this will depend on your COURAGE, BELIEFS, AND STRENGTH.     PREPARE MENTALLY.



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