November 30, 2015

# 1.

     “Watch the skies has been said many times. I say to you – WATCH THE COLORS AND REMEMBER THE POWER OF BLUE. The quickness of the messages will increase. Attach the messages if there is more than one short one. For those who have the ears and mind to understand, ponder the messages, but do not go too deeply for it will cause confusion. Simply let the words be heard as meaning may come later. Your quickness at seeing me in different forms will also help the reception.”


# 2.

     ‘It is true that my quickness is improving – increasing. I like that you do not flinch when I fly by at high speed. Further message:

     The Sounds wil increase, but may be at a higher range. Reaching outward is what I have to say to those who are the alert readers. There will be a reason for my appearance, but the important part is to hear between the words, meaning sense the message’s reason for being sent. With that in mind, I say to turn your attention away from reactions of others and think about a path to follow. Pull or clear space around you. Keep that area as sacred space. Allow no negative thought or fear to enter. If there are distractions, allow yourself to respond, but go back within as soon as there is an opportunity.”



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