December 7, 2015
By Marc

      “Days and weeks go by at an alarming rate. Sitting still in the moment, going inward slows down time and helps bring order to chaos. Some are able to swim through the chaos with purpose, while others are tossed around with the movement of the masses. Pausing a moment is to be the Rock Above The Waves. This is most needed at this time.

     Much chaos, much fear and uncertainty pervade the media and news outlets. More is coming, and being able to deal with the emotions brought about will be essential to remaining balanced. Many will act with fear, others will seem to be “holding it together” but are apprehensive. Fear will come. Outrage, Disbelief, Sadness.

     Do not be swept out with the tide. Hold within you the strength you know you have. Dust it off, for it is time your strength is brought forth. Be at peace.”



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