December 13, 2015

1.   “Meeting in the Sky are many elements that have been created for calming. This will be needed as has been said before. The level of fear is not noticed as far as how it has grown. At this point it is seen but its depth has only been guessed at, but it is slowly becoming more known. Collect your thoughts when they seem to be running in all directions. Too many people have been tilting which is my way of expressing leaning out of balance. We will continue later.”


2.   “It is true that the turmoil on earth will increase though the wish is that it would not be so. The knowledge of turmoil is there for all to see and the predicted behaviors are also visable. The next level of dismay, fear and sometimes panic will also be more evident. It is at these times that individual steps must be taken both physically and mentally. Be aware of the stress creeping in and around you. Be aware of mental strain. Keep some distance between you and others. This goes for those who carry the energy of knowing. It is difficult to become aware of the horror of fear. Unspeakable acts will be known even to those who are not normally involved in awareness. Those who are in that category will, little by little, find they cannot ignore the world around them. Those who are in the middle of chaos will have to concentrate on necessary steps to “hold it together.”

     At this time we emphasize the need to be aware of listening and sensing, and yes this has been said many times before. We cannot go further at this time, but bear in mind, the shortness of the words do not demean the importance of the guidance. You and many others may feel a sense of separatness. At these times go within and communicate, link with your Higher Self. If this seems too difficult, just take a few moments to be quiet. We step forward into the next stage. Be aware, be alert. I go.


  1. Sandalphon’s guidelines – like a code.

     “This is for those who take the time to think on the hidden words, the hidden meanings. This will be like a code. Some may understand parts, others may piece together parts for the bigger picture, and so, I begin:

     THE COLOR YELLOW springs out of the earth in colorful flowers yet below it is the dark color of the Earth. THE BLUE FLOWERS, less seen, reflect the color of the sky. The ending of the day has magnificent colors blended together and changing as the darker colors come. The Night and the Day come together. It changes and disappears from sight. The Light of the new day comes slowly and spreads throughout the Sky. It changes with the Colors Of The Skies. The rain that comes washes away the color temporarily, yet the color of the flowers are brighter than ever. New Colors appear and blend with those already in the ground. The days go by. Some increase and spread their Light while others return to the ground.

     Listen well. The Time Will Come, The Ground Is Disturbed And Must Be Repaired, Replaced. The work will be hard, but the flowers will bloom and grow with colors not seen before. The Light Will Shine, the Earth Is At Peace. It grows and shows its delight. There is Peace beyond knowing at this point in time. Be At Peace, You Are A Gardener. Leave Your Imprint On The Earth.   And So It Is.”



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