# 1 – 10th dimension # 2 – 11th dimension

December 15, 2015

10th dImension 

     “Listen well. Over and over we have sent similar messages of awareness and preparation of concern that our messages act not only as information but also as guidance along steps of knowing. We say now that changes will become more and more evident. Some will happen quickly and some will evolve in steps. It is the uneveness that will cause strain. We would like to send knowledge of other Beings, of other places, of wondrous levels of learning and sights to behold, but it is not the time. The storms must come and go and be met with courage. The Earth Is In Need. This is known and in some cases action taken but the earth has its own guidance as to need and progress to be made. It is out of love and light that steps must proceed to allow the earth to show its magnificence.

     We are here, not just floating in the Sky but here with intent, with knowledge and here to help. Many are aware how close we are but not the power we bring with us for it is in us. At the right time and at the right places destiny will proceed.

     We are very, very aware of the difficulty of this journey. We also are very aware of those who challenge indecision and keep their mind and heart centered on the Coming Of The Light. Many have had to be undercover, knowing, sensing hidden skills, waiting for the knowing that will come and action that will automatically be taken. Some Light Workers are letting down their guard, coasting we might call it, planning for another long trip waiting and waiting. We urge you to take a breath, find your strength, your core of knowing for the time is arriving. Wake Up or Tune Up might be a more revealing phrase. We stand behind you, we stand in front and around you. Light, as said before, will shine its force. Be As Warriors Ready To Strike.”     (2:24 a.m.)


 11th Dimension

     (m: I am here.) We are arriving as we were not sure we could connect. (2:36 a.m.)

     “Slowly, we begin our task. That is, one – making the connection and the right time had to be found. We have waited for a signal for the right time to come closer to earth than we have ever been. (m: Welcome. I heard ’11th Dimension’.) Though the time is not the most comfortable we have chosen that which gives us the best connection for as you see, our Light is very strong and we have sheltered it to make it easier to communicate and so we begin:

     Light in the Sky will brighten. At first it will not be noticed, but the Light will spread and this calls attention to the Sky. There will be a stillness about it, a sense of unnatural and yet seemingly the same source. As the Light spreads so will uneasiness for there is no answer for the questions that will be brought forth. Those who have the Higher sensing will automatically ‘tune up’, begin to shift and some will feel their bodies stirring., This, of course, is an alert. We cannot, or perhaps we should say we must not interfere with the physical process of the body, the enlightning awareness, the slow or fast reactions. It is an individual process. We will be attuned to earth and to individuals who have long awaited these changes. Our help, our shield are mammoth. (m: Do you have a name of your group?) We are the Light that Shines Everlasting. We need no sword as some on earth know. The connection will be smoother the next time. (m: Do you have a name as the Speaker?) We carry no names for we are LIGHT. (m: I am honored to hear from you.) “In your sleep we have met. Be at ease. Our voice will be heard again. Goodbye for now.” (m; Thank you.) (3:13 a.m.)


     Note: m: It has been some time since I have had channeling information come in the early morning hours. Tossing and turning I could not figure why I wasn’t getting to sleep and then suddenly I realize it was energy connections. I usually have a large pad to write on but picked up a smaller one that dated way back. I am given signals and not expecting any message I turned the page and this is what it said: “It is that time when things are not going to be the same. We must readjust and accept that there are bigger things on the way for us.”


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