December 16, 2015

     “With all the warnings there is still doubt and this is still somewhat understandable. We have seen that most of the signs have not been seen or observed without the meaning. This is a lack of connection for it does take time and good thinking. We must simply wait or wade through the days of a holiday time. There are no more warnings at this time for the Stage Is Set, the steps must be taken one by one, Your awareness of a ‘pulling inward’ is something that is happening to many. It is a step forward but at the same time unnatural. That is because the right step is being taken and yet it does not fit in with the majority who have their minds on other projects. This is, as you have noticed, calm acceptance, clearing the field. Do not let it create total retreat but a first step of clearing the field. The next step will involve a stronger step of knowing and awareness. The stage is set. The ‘players’ are ready to move forward. Listen to the sounds.”



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