December 18, 2015

1:19 a.m.

     “The Light will shine has been heard many times and you have seen it is so. Circumstances necessitate a quick here and gone, but the image remains. Treasure these connections though they be short though in time the length will change. We spread our Light for at this time we cannot show in any other form. Like the Sun, we cannot miss being seen which explains our quick departure. We may come in different forms. Be patient as these new experiences appear.”

2:49 a.m.

     We are aware it does take adjustment for the human body to feel comfortable with the higher realms. We begin: The visible occurrences are important, but it is also important to ease into the uncomfortable reactions of the body. It does take time and determination. The pace will have to quicken as the messages become more pronounced. We suggest to those who are ready to communicate that there is a paced approach. The shortness of the body’s endurance is not taken as an offense. Persevere and you will find the smoothness will come. This is like a training time. We find that shorter messages allow for a smoother progression forward. This is not to be approached with any sense of reaching a particlar goal. It is to let the body adjust little by little and progress will be seen. Be at peace. 



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