December 29, 201 

     “Those who are not involved or interested in the celestial information available are beginning to be aware of differences. When Mother Earth begins to express herself on a global scale it cannot be ignored. Homes are destroyed, lives lost and changed in minutes. Selective, quick actions that prove to be deadly and quick thinking selection that save a life. It is a numbing experience and can leave major trauma in its wake. YES, THIS IS THE BEGINNING AND AS MAJOR HAPPENINGS SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE MORE AND MORE DISTURBANCES. Now listen, for we take a new route.

* Cling not to old habits.
* Simplify your surroundings as to the amount of time you spend on details.        
* Become more aware of the Sky.
* Take moments to stop and concentrate on your breathing being calm and steady.
* Stir not any pot, meaning, do not create problems or involve yourself in anything that takes away your awareness.

     These are simple directions, but the time will come when the simplification is not only what you will need, but an integral part of your life. That is all.”


NOTE: SANDALPHON manifested as a mocking bird.  

Note: Integral – necessary for completeness, essential (an integral part), made up of parts forming a whole.        


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