December 30, 2015

      “The flooding that has begun will be a difficult thing to handle. When we spoke of change before, in most people’s minds it appeared to be a minor event. As you can see, it is not minor and This Is The Beginning . Flood In The Bible Store Covered Everything and this as told WILL NOT BE REPEATED, but it will defy belief. It is this type of situation coming up in many different places that will put a strain on people’s nerves.

   Now listen: Take One Step At A Time, that is how walking begins and that is how frequently, even if it is standing up and giving the body and mind a few moments of peace, CENTER FIRST ON SELF, for you are needed and Light Workers will need to do this frequently. Loving Care is a good term for long term manifestation. At other times of need, the emotions must be set aside and Concentration on Effort and Strength needed. When the burden of change becomes too heavy, take whatever time you can find to ‘piece together’ the parts of Self – the Physical, Mental, and Emotional parts. Take a deep breath and begin again.”



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