January 1, 2016

      “You will begin to see a faster pace.   No sooner will one action manifest than another will come. There will not be the space or time to adjust and sometimes to either comprehend or understand the entire picture of what an event entails. As these events happen it is best not to dwell too long on each one. This does not mean a coldness or indifference should be the reaction but a way to handle the next event without being drained. Sometimes there is not space in the human body for massive amounts of emotion. The bizarre behavior already manifesting is like a drop in the bucket. The feeling of balance will have to be consciously maintained. Look to the Sky for sensing guidance. All will be well in time, but steps must be taken to get to that point. Keep the faith and let it be your source of strength.”


Note: m: I felt movement over my head when I was outside, a quick sense of movement, and there was a very small bird sitting in the tree. I asked “Is that you, Sandalphon?” The answer was “I shall be.”     Amazing the many forms he takes.



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