January 3, 2016

     “The unusual happenings recently seen are disturbing as much must be done. This is like the calm before the storm though there have already been storms. Look to the Sky is being done by many and yet we cannot reveal the signs. Gather your belongings in your head is a term not heard. This is a ‘pulling’ not known. It helps anchor your surroundings with energy. Worry not. Take each day as it comes. Now we return to a different subject. 

     Children are very adaptable as are animals,. Remember to communicate with simple words that will help them understand. The healing of Mother Earth is a good subject to start with. All will be well, but it will take time. Sleep may be difficult to experience as a restful, calming time. You may feel a ‘clearing’, meaning old thought reappear, former occurrences. As they reappear, let them go. They have no place in your head. Be patient.”


Note: Sandalphon appeared as a hawk flying low.



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